COASTAL FORECAST: Baffin Bay – August 2018

Cool Summer Mornings in Baffin Bay

J UST BEFORE THE SUN COMES UP, it’s surprising how cool the morning air can be, launching the boat for a fine summer trip out onto Baffin Bay.

Being there at that magical time of the day really sets the tone for what’s about to happen at the first fishing spot of the day. The anticipation is high for everyone and that super early start to an August fishing day brings a ton of excitement.

There’s really nothing much better than tossing a top water lure along a knee-deep or less shoreline and waiting for that first giant blow-up, or stalking up to a big, tailing redfish with the fly rod.

Trout fishing early in the morning along the grassy edges and rocks is almost a sure thing. Whether drifting in a boat, tossing Cajun Thunder popping corks with 4-inch Gulp curly-tailed “Swimming Mullet” on a leader underneath it, or wade fishing, chunking top waters or Saltwater Assassin 4-inch Sea Shad paddle tail plastic in shades of white, the trout bite can be outstanding. Finding the bait and/or watching for slicks, then fishing with them and underneath them is the key to catching a nice stringer of trout.

On Baffin Bay, the north shoreline is a great place to wade, when the winds allow. The same thing holds true for the massive Alazan Bay. Fish these places when the winds are blowing lightly. Alazan Bay is beautiful this year and is covered in grass. There are a few large, deeper rock structures there, but the majority of the bay is grass and sand.

Small drains and guts are good targets for fishermen, along both the east and the west shorelines. There are a few giant sand bars with grass growing on top of them and these are big trout hangouts.

There are very few boats in Alazan, and the atmosphere feels almost like it was 100 years ago. It’s remote and pristine. Take some time to learn Alazan Bay and the payoff will be huge.

Shallow water is where the real game is in the summer. After that early morning trout action, change gears and get up skinny. The south shoreline of Baffin Bay is about as good as it gets for all sight casting with conventional tackle or the fly rod.

The shoreline behind the Tide Gauge Bar is untouched. This can be a fantastic wade along the sandy strip that begins at East Kleberg Point and heads west all the way to and beyond Cat Head.

Depending on the winds, pick a spot to begin. Bait is still a key, even up shallow. At this time of the year, the super shallow water is filled with finger mullet of all sizes. Tiny glass minnows, shrimp and small crabs bring all of the big predators up for an easy meal.

Move quietly and watch for the big, football shape of the redfish or the coppery colors of their bodies and the blue edges of their tails. Big fish up shallow are usually there for just one purpose—to eat.

Put your lure or fly in the “dinner plate zone” (about two feet in front of their mouth and eyes), and watch as the redfish keys in on the sound and action of a tiny prey. It never gets old watching a big red or black drum pin the fly or lure down to the bottom and suck it in.

Summertime fishing is really a family affair. Anyone can catch fish using these techniques. Kids, beginners, or families looking to spend quality time in the outdoors together can be assured of a quality adventure on so many levels.

Just the fact that the bay is surrounded by the King and Kenedy Ranches, almost like it was hundreds of years ago, is so enriching. The beauty of the water, the grass and the entire atmosphere makes it such a special experience. Catching fish is really icing on the cake if you spend a lot of time on Baffin Bay. The birds, wildlife, fish and fun will create memories that last a lifetime.

Summertime on Baffin Bay is great for families. Then after the day of fishing, jumping in the swimming pool to chill down a little, hang out and relive the experience is truly priceless!

Capt. Black and I look forward to hosting your corporate group, a family fishing trip or a group of buds or gals wanting to hang out together. From top to bottom, we are pleased to provide a five star adventure for everyone here at BBR&G. You will feel the difference when you walk into our lodge.

We are dog friendly, family friendly and want to include anyone, woman or man, who wants to learn about fishing. There’s no better place than Baffin Bay Rod and Gun. We can sleep 20 guests and hope that you are planning a trip to see us this summer.

Email Capt. Sally Black at Sally@captainsally.com

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