Ultradyne Precision Iron Sights – Forget the Red Dot!

Ultradyne Sighting System

Red dots have always been my go to upgrade for AR rifles.  Until now.  The new Ultradyne Precision C4 Sight System offers speed and precision more than most iron sighting systems on par with electronic red dot optics – yet without a reticle blocking the target.

Ultradyne C4 Sight System

The design of the front sight seems to be borrowed from Olympic match rifles where there is actually a circle that you look through as opposed to an ancient post that covers half of your target.  I’ve been using this technique of “circle in circle” somewhat with our Marksmanship Camp’s MP5 rifles in the past using the front sight winged protectors to center the rear sight.  However the Ultradyne sights takes this to a completely different level.

This 10MOA front sight allows you to fully see your target through the sight allowing for more precision and faster natural alignment.

We will get to the details and upgrades of the rear sight later, but for not imagine it just as a peep sight centered within its protective ears.  Now the front sight is a 10MOA circle at 100 yards when it’s 27″ away from your eye (such as mounted on a 16″ barrel).  The front sight, no matter what the adjusted elevation, is perfectly centered inside protective wings.  It’s like peep sight inception.  A circle, within a circle, within a circle, within a circle.  Your eye naturally aligns all 4 circles as you look through the smallest circle of the front sight post and look at the exact spot you want to perforate with your round.  This natural sight alignment makes aiming quicker as well as allowing for more precision since you don’t block out any of the target with a reticle or post.

I mostly hung out at 100 yards and loved using it on 4″ steel plates of my Defense Target dueling tree.  They were well framed inside the front sight post.  In fact, I was even able to hit a golf ball with iron sights and Angelfire Ammo’s 75 grain load with these iron sights mounted on my LaRue PredatAR 556 rifle.

With a 10 second tutorial my 12 year old son was able to make easy shots at 100 yards with the Ultradyne Sight system.

However by looking at the below photo, you will also realize that this isn’t a standard sight mount.  Ultradyne does offer standard rail mounted front sights, but they took this design one step further in mating it with their muzzle brakes so you have the maximum sight radius!  Now on this LaRue PredatAR it’s only mounted about 1.5″ inches further since the rail is already a good length.  However this would be a huge advantage on a shorter railed rifle.

The Muzzle Brake mount makes full use of extended sight radius.

I thought timing the front sight post on the muzzle brake would be difficult, but I was very wrong.  Following the instruction’s tip to fold the front sight down to match your rails level surface timing the sight on to top dead center with the shrouded timing nut was quick and easy.

Folded and aligned front sight timed by the muzzle brake.

The elevation is adjusted by the front sight, but the ingenious part is that you push down the front sight protective wings to allow the sight to thread which in turn always stays concentric.

The front sight compressed for adjustment and then in it’s natural centered state.The rear sight has adjustable settings out to 600 yards.  The dial on the left side begins at “2” for your 100/200 yard zero and then incrementally adjusts 8 positions, one for ever 50 yards, with a forward click.  The right dial is your windage adjustment.

The C4 Rear sight at 200 and 600 yard settings.

The Mercury muzzle brake I used was plenty effective.  To be honest it’s difficult for me to compare brakes, because they just work.  But while shooting with my son he commented on how much gas blast and sparks were being thrown to the sides.  However while I was shooting I didn’t feel anything but lack of recoil.  I guess that’s proof enough.

I only shot two 5 shot groups on paper with Angelfire ammunition’s new 75 grain load and one of them was only 1.35″ with a flyer.  If I had left it at rounds it would have been sub 1″.  Iron sights.  100 yards.  16″ barrel.  Heck yeah that will do.

Sub 1.5″ group from 100 yards with iron sights.

Both sights fold to make these low profile back up iron sights.  But to be honest, I’m darn happy with keeping them as my primary sighting system.  It’s extremely temping to run a 3 Gun match with them since I find them just as fast and precise as red dots.  The only downside is peep sights always become difficult to use in low light situations.

The entire package of front and rear sights along with the Mercury muzzle brake runs $348.80 right here on Amazon.  Which when you think of it as a muzzle brake and folding sights that’s pretty competitive.  Especially when you will find that you won’t need that red dot optic anymore.  You can find all of Ultradyne’s offering here: https://ultradyneusa.com 




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