An Honest Look At Human Targets

Let’s face it, when most of us go to the pistol range we are going to hone our skills to prepare ourselves should the moment call for it, to protect our lives.  Which equates into shooting another living-breathing human being.

I hope you read my previous blog on perfect practice as it relates to our time at the range.

I want us to think a little more tactically now as well. You need to be training with human targets.  It is very unnatural to draw a weapon and point it at a person.  Just get on the internet and read of how many people completely freeze up when the actually HAD to point a gun at someone.  I have had it beat in me since I was shooting a Daisy Air Rifle, you don’t point guns at people!

Many ranges offer blue man targets, Ivans, cardboard cutouts and other human silhouette style targets.  These are great for getting things started or for qualifying style shooting.  However, these targets don’t have eyes that are staring back at you or a face you will be looking at when you pull the trigger.

Many of these are pictures of a hostage taker, terrorist or good guy/bad guy situation.  I like these targets due to the fact they are all different and will make me focus on the target and shoot at a person not a color or blank piece of cardboard.

Yes, it sounds kind of odd to want to shoot at people. But this is the type of training and muscle memory we are trying to build up- right?!?!  Practice looking at your threat while you grip, draw and aim your weapon at your aggressor as you send rounds down range.

You should be able to look at your target and see if it is a shoot/no shoot situation.  You will not shoot every time you draw your weapon out.

Try and rotate between head and body shots. Don’t always focus on double tapping 2 shots to the cranium, or 2 shots center mass.  Mix things up when it comes to rounds fired and locations on the body.

Try shooting kneeling behind a car, hard corner or lying prone under a car.  These are all situations that you could realistically wind up in on the street one day.

I am not trying to get us to be morbid, or want to take human life.  Rather I am wanting to set us up to be ready if that time comes that it is you or them when the situation calls for it.

The person you are drawing down on will have a heartbeat, body, head and eyes looking at you- remember that when you are training and keep things as real as you can.

Fortuna Paratus Remunerat= Fortune Favors the Prepared.

Shane Smith

TFG Editorial:
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