Cop Drops Active Shooter from 50 Yards (Body Cam Video)

Cop Drops Active Shooter from 50 Yards

Defensive handgun uses are statistically at distances of less than 7 years.  However with active shooter nut jobs we are seeing an increase of the need for skilled marksmanship with a handgun.  In this body cam footage from August 11th we see a Las Vegas police officer stop an active shooter from a distance of 50 yards:

Background: Ross Dress for Less employee Mohamed Mahmoud got ticked off that a customer was going to leave a cart by the front door.  Mohamed’s boss told him to quit complaining.  Mohamed instead retrieved a handgun from his vehicle and attempted to shoot his boss in a store full of customers.  Then when the police arrived, Mohamed tried to shoot them as well.  19 year old veteran Officer Bunitsky returned fire from approximately 50 yards and dropped Mohamed with a round to the hip.  No one besides Mohamed was injured.

So while poorly trained “point and shoot” tactics might be enough to squeak by some defensive encounters, sound marksmanship still rules the day.  Don’t be satisfied with mediocre skills.  Hitting targets out to 100 yards is definitely possible with sound fundamentals.

Here is another story when a cop dropped another active shooter from 104 yards while holding his horses!


100% accuracy on a 6″ plate from 50 yards with a M&P 9mm:

Shooting a 8″ plate rack from 100 yards with a CZ P09:

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