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HOTSPOTS: Freshwater – September 2018


LOCATION: Lake Toledo Bend
HOTSPOT: Pendleton Bridge Area and South
GPS: N 31 26.754, W 93 45.234
(31.4459, -93.7539)

Lake Toledo Bend: Pendleton Bridge Area and South

SPECIES: Largemouth Bass
BEST BAITS: Top water lures, Rat-L-Traps, Texas rigged 10-inch worms, heavy football jigs, crankbaits
CONTACT: Mike Knight
Tips: Toledo Bend in September is kind of the end of summer and start of fall. There will be some schooling activity with top water lures and Rat-L-Traps mostly in the south below Pendleton bridge. Also there will most likely be some really good bass action early, and I mean EARLY, on main lake points. I’m talking 5:30 am til 8:30 am and then it’s over. There will be lots of big schools of offshore bass including some giants, but you need to know and trust your electronics. The good news is if you find one of those schools they should be dependable all through the month. Try a Texas rig 10-inch worm, heavy football jigs and crankbaits that will run to 20+ feet deep.

LOCATION: Caddo Lake
HOTSPOT: Alligator Bayou
GPS: N 32 43.164, W 94 5.424
(32.7194, -94.0904)

Caddo Lake: Alligator Bayou

SPECIES: Largemouth Bass
BEST BAITS: V&M J-Bug, crankbaits, 6” straight tailed worms, surface poppers
CONTACT: Caddo Lake Guide Service/Paul Keith
Tips: Fish the edges of this creek with Texas-rigged soft plastic worms and creature baits in watermelon, junebug, and black/blue colors. Watch for schooling bass in the curves and throw small topwaters and crankbaits when active. Punching heavier weighted soft plastics into the heavy grass areas can catch some larger sized bass this time of the year.

LOCATION: Lake Conroe
HOTSPOT: Main Lake
GPS: N 30 25.02, W 95 34.224
(30.4170, -95.5704)

Lake Conroe: Main Lake

SPECIES: Largemouth Bass
BEST BAITS: Pop’r, Zara Spooks, spinnerbaits, crankbaits
CONTACT: Richard Tatsch
Tips: “With the first cold fronts of the year beginning to move in, the bass will begin to feed on shad in preparation for the cold weather when they will begin to selectively feed. This is good for fishermen who love the aggressive strikes that a spinnerbait can bring. If you’re on the water this time of year immediately after a cold front (up to the 3rd day after) and it is at daylight or an overcast day, locate the rip rap rock around the lake and start by throwing a small single blade spinnerbait at the rocks then retrieving it back at a very fast rate where the bait is waking the surface. This is a very productive and very fast way to catch a number of fish that will attempt to pull the rod out of your hand. The next thing to try would be a Pop’r or a Zara Spook work these baits in the same areas and alternate between the spinnerbait to determine which they want on that particular day. Later in the day move out to offshore structures and throw crankbaits around them!” Bank Access: Stowaway Marina


HOTSPOT: Ray Branch
GPS: N 32 48.6, W 95 34.302
(32.8100, -95.5717)

Lake Fork: Ray Branch

SPECIES: Crappie
BEST BAITS: 1/16 oz. jigs in Electric Chicken color (pink/chartreuse), minnows
CONTACT: Doug Shampine
Tips: September is a very good month to fish for crappie on Lake Fork. I love the crappie fishing just due to the fact the bigger crappie decide to bite as the water temperature starts to cool off, headed towards fall. Fish know that cold weather is coming soon and will start feeding up for the winter and that is what the crappie start doing. I have many brush piles all over the lake and we will be hitting them to catch our limit using jigs and minnows. My piles are located in 18-26 feet of water and the bait fish and crappie love them also. My best color jig going into the fall months will be the electric chicken (pink/chartreuse) on a 1/16 oz. jig head. I fish both the east and west arms of the lake but have my best luck around Ray Branch, Dale and Little Caney.


HOTSPOT: Double Branch
GPS: N 32 55.8239, W 95 38.526
(32.9304, -95.6421)

Lake Fork: Double Branch

SPECIES: Largemouth Bass
BEST BAITS: Top water lures, small crankbaits, Texas-rigged worms, Carolina-rigged Grandebass Airtail Rattlesnakes, Victory Jigs with a Mega Claws trailer
CONTACT: Lance Vick
Tips: The dog days of summer are coming to an end. The key to finding bass in September is to find the shad. Oxygen levels in the lake dictate where the shad will be at this time of the year. If the lake is turning over, shallow grass will hold bait and bass. If the lake is not turning over, the deep bite will be good on points and road beds. Good fishing to all!

LOCATION: Lake Livingston
HOTSPOT: Dam Area in Deep Water
GPS: N 30 37.974, W 95 1.5059
(30.6329, -95.0251)

Lake Livingston: Dam Area in Deep Water

SPECIES: Striped Bass
BEST BAITS: Live shad, 1 ¼ oz white slabs, spoons, Tsunami Holographic 4-inch Swim Shad in hot pink/gold
CONTACT: David S. Cox, Palmetto Guide Service
Tips: “Bounce baits off the bottom and look for strikes on falling baits. Troll Tsunami Swim Shad behind a #10 jet diver.” BANK ACCESS: Browders Marina

LOCATION: Lake Sam Rayburn
HOTSPOT: Campbell Branch
GPS: N 31 10.806, W 94 12.822
(31.1801, -94.2137)

Lake Sam Rayburn: Campbell Branch

SPECIES: Largemouth Bass
BEST BAITS: Senkos, chatter baits, squarebill shallow crankbaits.
CONTACT: Mike Knight
Tips: September at Sam Rayburn is one of my favorite months. The bass will be active all over the lake. There should be lots of surface schooling activity. Try shad colored top water lures with propellers on one or both ends. The water temps will be starting to drop a little and the shallow bite will pick up around grass beds and secondary points.


LOCATION: Toledo Bend North
HOTSPOT: “The Mound”
GPS: N 31 42.426, W 93 52.884
(31.7071, -93.8814)

Toledo Bend North: “The Mound”

SPECIES: White Bass
BEST BAITS: Rat-L-Traps, tail spinners, slab spoons, shallow diving crankbaits
CONTACT: Greg Crafts, Toledo Bend Guide Service and Lake Cottages
Tips: The summer is winding down and the whites are starting to migrate back to the north end of the lake. Use your electronics to locate the baitfish on the old river channel sand bars. Use Rat-L-Traps or shallow diving crank baits when the fish are breaking the surface. When they go down, switch to a slab spoon or drag a tail spinner. The whites will usually school in the same areas around the same time of day. Look for the birds dive bombing the baitfish that the whites have pushed to the surface.



LOCATION: Lake Texoma
HOTSPOT: Texas Flats and Mill Creek Flats
GPS: N 33 52.248, W 96 49.7939
(33.8708, -96.8299)

Lake Texoma: Texas Flats and Mill Creek Flats

SPECIES: Striped Bass
BEST BAITS: Slabs and Coho Minnow jigs
CONTACT: Bill Carey
Tips: “Stripers are moving out of the deep water and roaming the flats in September. The lures of choice are slabs and jigs. Vertically jig one-ounce chrome, white and chartreuse slabs along the bottom
in 10 to 30-foot depths. Coho minnow jigs in white glow color with a 3/4-ounce jig head and a four-inch inch tail are perfect for these hungry stripers. Cast the jigs and use a medium retrieve. If you find surfacing or swirling fish, cast the jig, hold your rod high and keep the jig subsurface.”

LOCATION: Bachman Lake
HOTSPOT: Main Lake or Bridge Area
GPS: N 32 51.1859, W 96 52.014
(32.8531, -96.8669)

Bachman Lake: Main Lake or Bridge Area

SPECIES: Largemouth Bass
BEST BAITS: Bass: spinnerbaits and Rat-L-Traps | Crappie: minnows and jigs
CONTACT: Carey Thorn
Tips: For bass, throw spinnerbaits and Rat-L-Traps along the weed lines. Crappie are under the bridge this time of year. Minnows and jigs are your best bet right now.


LOCATION: Cedar Creek Lake
HOTSPOT: Main Lake Humps
GPS: N 32 18.8099, W 96 10.068
(32.3135, -96.1678)

Cedar Creek Lake: Main Lake Humps

SPECIES: Hybrid Striper
BEST BAITS: Deep diving lures
CONTACT: Jason Barber
Tips: Troll main lake humps in 16’ to 24’ of water with deep divers until you locate fish then target that area repeatedly.

LOCATION: Eagle Mountain Lake
HOTSPOT: Twin Points Humps
GPS: N 32 53.155, W 97 29.658
(32.8859, -97.4943)

Eagle Mountain Lake: Twin Points Humps

SPECIES: White bass
BEST BAITS: Slab with a fly 12 in. above
CONTACT: Johnny Stevens
Tips: This area is three large humps in the middle of the lake. The tops of these humps are 24 feet surrounded by 32 feet of water. Work the edges of these humps with your electronics. When fish are located jig up and down with your slab and fly. The humps can be worked by fan casting and hopping your slab and fly just off the bottom to the boat.

LOCATION: Fayette County Reservoir
HOTSPOT: South East Trees
GPS: N 29 54.978, W 96 42.9659
(29.9163, -96.7161)

Fayette County Reservoir: South East Trees

SPECIES: Catfish
BEST BAITS: CJ’s punch bait
CONTACT: Weldon Kirk
Tips: The trees are close to the old road bed here. Water temperatures are heating up so fish close to the bottom. Use chum in 10-12 feet of water. Slip cork or tight line is preferred here.

LOCATION: Gibbons Creek Reservoir
HOTSPOT: Eagle Point South
GPS: N 30 37.92, W 96 2.7899
(30.6320, -96.0465)

Gibbons Creek Reservoir: Eagle Point South

SPECIES: Catfish
BEST BAITS: Punch Bait, crawfish
CONTACT: Weldon Kirk
Tips: This creek runs through this area. Use tight lines, setting on the bottom. Chum close to the boat and also cast out away from the boat with extra rods. All breeds of cats frequent this area.

LOCATION: Granger Lake
HOTSPOT: Main Lake Submerged Structure
GPS: N 30 42.3779, W 97 20.8979
(30.7063, -97.3483)

Granger Lake: Main Lake Submerged Structure

SPECIES: Crappie
BEST BAITS: 1/32 oz. marabou jig tipped with a Berkley Crappie Nibble
CONTACT: Tommy Tidwell
Tips: People always ask me when the very best time is to catch crappie at Granger Lake. I always tell them that it is September. The crappie have been feeding on shad all summer and gain about a quarter inch in length every 20 days (according to TP&W biologists). So fish that were just short in July will all be keepers in September. The best bait is a 1/32 oz. marabou jig tipped with a Berkley Crappie Nibble. Be sure to tie the jig using a loop knot. This makes a big difference in your catch rate. Fish brush or plastic trees in 4 to 15 feet of water. The main reason this time of year is better than the spring is that the weather is stable and crowds are small with most people hunting or watching football. Good luck and good fishing.

LOCATION: Lake Granbury
HOTSPOT: Twin humps near town
GPS: N 32 26.404, W 97 46.977
(32.4401, -97.7830)

Lake Granbury: Twin humps near town

SPECIES: White bass
BEST BAITS: Holographic slabs in silver and chartreuse
CONTACT: Michael W. Acosta, Unfair Advantage Charters
Tips: Look for bait congregated on or near the bottom in around 15 to 20 ft. of water. Work channel ledges and humps near deep water. Granbury water temperatures are generally in the 80’S as summer continues with a slow cool down towards fall. Summer patterns continue for most of the month. The Texas heat is starting to taper off, but fishing continues to be best early and late. Thermoclines are starting to disappear, and lake turnover is starting when the surface is cooling. White bass are located near structure and are feeding on near drop offs in 15 to 20 feet of water. Slabbing lead heads are best for putting sandies in the boat. Live bait continues to be the best choice for Striped Bass on or near structure on the lower ends of the lake.

LOCATION: Lake Lavon
HOTSPOT: Main Lake Points and Submerged Timber and Brush
GPS: N 33 4.4519, W 96 27.57
(33.0742, -96.4595)

Lake Lavon: Main Lake Points and Submerged Timber and Brush

SPECIES: Largemouth Bass & Crappie
BEST BAITS: Bass: Creature baits in sexy shad color | Crappie: Jigs in white/chartreuse and black/chartreuse
CONTACT: Carey Thorn
Tips: Black bass will be very shallow early in the mornings and can usually be found in 1 to 5 foot of water. As the sun comes up they gradually make their way back out to 12 to 20 foot. Creature baits and the color “sexy shad” by KVD is usually to go to color. Find boat ramps and rip rap as they are a concrete/rock fish meaning that is what they hold to structure-wise. Crappie will most likely be in 10 to 20 foot of water on submerged timber and brush. Fish jigs in white and chartreuse and black and chartreuse on the 1/16 oz. hook with 6 to 8-pound mono. If you mosey around in 18 foot of water along the banks protected from the south wind, you should be able to find yourself some hidden brush piles.


LOCATION: Lake Palestine
HOTSPOT: Cherokee Point
GPS: N 32 4.908, W 95 25.278
(32.0818, -95.4213)

Lake Palestine: Cherokee Point

SPECIES: Largemouth Bass and Crappie
BEST BAITS: Bass: Mister Twister Comida Worm | Crappie: jigs
CONTACT: Ricky Vandergriff
903-561-7299 or 903-530-2201
Tips: “Bass fishing should be good on points near the dam on Carolina rigs using the Mister Twister Comida Worm. Fish slow, covering this point very well. Crappie very good on jigs under the 155 Bridge. Fish 20 feet or so deep.”

LOCATION: Lake Ray Roberts
HOTSPOT: Brush Pile
GPS: N 33 24.127, W 97 5.314
(33.4021, -97.0886)

Lake Ray Roberts: Brush Pile

SPECIES: Crappie/white bass
BEST BAITS: Minnows, 3/4-1oz slabs
CONTACT: Justin Wilson
Tips: Still feels like summer out there but the cool nights are starting to lower the water temps. White bass are still really good. Not seeing as much topwater as the past months but starting to see some big schools off the main lake points in 20-40 foot of water. Once you find them, jigging slabs off the bottom can make quick work of filling a cooler. The crappie bite is good, still catching quite a few smaller fish but the keeper/throwback ratio has been getting better with the occasional big fish. Look for these fish holding close to brush piles in 25-30 foot of water. Smaller piles that aren’t getting as much pressure are producing more keepers than some of the other popular piles. Jigs are working but the quality of fish seems to be better on minnows.

LOCATION: Lake Richland Chambers
HOTSPOT: Highway 287 Bridge
GPS: N 32 0.3179, W 96 12.5279
(32.0053, -96.2088)

Lake Richland Chambers: Highway 287 Bridge

SPECIES: Crappie
BEST BAITS: Small minnows, crappie jigs
CONTACT: Royce Simmons
Tips: The late summer and early fall can be some of the very best crappie fishing of the entire year. Some folks prefer to fish around the Highway 287 bridge columns and avoid the heat but most of the more serious crappie fishermen find and fish brush piles. The crappie prefer structure and brush piles attract bait fish as well. While some fishermen fish with crappie jigs, most prefer small minnows tight lined on light line.

LOCATION: Lake Somerville
HOTSPOT: Rock Island Shoreline
GPS: N 30 18.708, W 96 31.674
(30.3118, -96.5279)

Lake Somerville: Rock Island Shoreline

SPECIES: Catfish
BEST BAITS: CJ’s punch bait, cut shad
CONTACT: Weldon Kirk
Tips: Water is deep here as it drops off the rock ledge. Chum the edge of drop-off. Fish straight down with tight line near the bottom.

LOCATION: Lake Whitney
HOTSPOT: Whitney Hump
GPS: N 31 54.672, W 97 20.868
(31.9112, -97.3478)

Lake Whitney: Whitney Hump

SPECIES: Striped Bass
BEST BAITS: Cut shad, jigs with trailers
CONTACT: Randy Routh
Tips: I am using cut gizzard shad on a Carolina rig and making long cast up on Whitney Hump. Big stripers are moving up on the hump early. After the sun comes up good we are backing out and using live shad and fishing about 22 feet down along the edge of the hump in 32 feet of water. Mid-day downrigging, trolling with white striper jigs and white or chartreuse worm trailers at areas like McCowan Flats N31 55.452’. W97 24.628 is producing good stringers of fish.



LOCATION: Lake Alan Henry
HOTSPOT: Little Grape Creek
GPS: N 33 2.8079, W 101 3.5699
(33.0468, -101.0595)

Lake Alan Henry: Little Grape Creek

SPECIES: Largemouth Bass
BEST BAITS: Top water lures, crankbaits, Senko-type worms, spinnerbaits, swim baits in perch or shad colors
CONTACT: Norman Clayton’s Guide Services
Tips: “The first of September will find the bass still deep and schooled up. Early top water bite
should be good for the whole month on the flats. Later in the month when we have a few cool
fronts coming through, cooling the water down, will be when the bass start moving up all the
creeks. Start early with top water lures, and then use crankbaits, Senko-type worms, spinnerbaits, and swim baits in perch or shad colors. Fish fun-Fish safe!”

LOCATION: Lake Cisco
HOTSPOT: Main Lake
GPS: N 32 26.7579, W 98 59.0834
(32.4460, -98.9847)

Lake Cisco: Main Lake

SPECIES: Largemouth Bass
BEST BAITS: Soft plastics, spinnerbaits, crankbaits
CONTACT: Michael D. Homer Jr.
Tips: Cisco Reservoir is a great largemouth bass fishing reservoir. The reservoir has a variety of fishable habitat features such as submersed boulders, fallen timber, aquatic vegetation, and docks. Texas-rigged soft plastics, spinner baits, and crankbaits should produce a bite. Watermelon, chartreuse, and brighter colors are great colors for soft plastics.

LOCATION: Possum Kingdom
HOTSPOT: Bluff Creek
GPS: N 32 50.832, W 98 29.1
(32.8472, -98.4850)

Possum Kingdom: Bluff Creek

SPECIES: Striped bass
BEST BAITS: Live bait, jigs with trailers, topwaters
CONTACT: Dean Heffner
Tips: September is a great month. The weather is starting to cool and head into fall. This month the majority of the stripers will be starting their annual fall migration toward the north end of the lake and one of their first stops will be in and around Bluff Creek and the flats across from there. Live bait is still king but downrigging catches most of the big ones. There’s still some topwater on cloudy days and early in the morning. Mister Twister curly tails are still what we use year-round for trailers on our baits. Fish just can’t resist them. Just turn around and follow them back as they migrate and do the same retrieves and things you did late spring and you will catch stripers.



HOTSPOT: Highways 277-377 Area
GPS: N29 30.32178, W100 54.9906
(29.505363, -100.91651)

Amistad: Highways 277-377 Area

SPECIES: largemouth bass
BEST BAITS: Zara spooks, Odom football jigs, plastic lizards
James Burkeen
TIPS: Use Zara Spooks early, especially on cloudy days, and fish the points below the highways. At mid-morning, move out to the hydrilla where it drops off into deep water and work Odom football jigs in green-pumpkin or Falcon Craw colors. Texas-rigged plastic lizards also work good in the hydrilla.



LOCATION: Canyon Lake
HOTSPOT: Turkey Creek
GPS: N 29 51.7079, W 98 12.948
(29.8618, -98.2158)

Canyon Lake: Turkey Creek

SPECIES: Striped Bass
BEST BAITS: Sassy Shad in pearl color
CONTACT: Capt. Steve Nixon, Fishhooks Adventures
Tips: Trolling this area with downriggers seems to produce the best catches. Set the downriggers from 40 to 60 feet deep and look for schools of striped bass. When located, vary trolling speeds until the fish strike. Tight lines and fish on!

LOCATION: Lake Buchanan
HOTSPOT: Main Lake
GPS: N 30 50.304, W 98 21.9239
(30.8384, -98.3654)

Lake Buchanan: Main Lake

SPECIES: Striped Bass
BEST BAITS: Live shad
CONTACT: Clancy Terrill
Tips: This time of year, live shad are your best bet for the striper bit. Keep in mind that high temperatures means lower oxygen levels in the water. Early in the day, drift or anchor humps and ridges in 30-40 foot of water. Then, late morning, fish over the tree tops in 50-60 foot of water.

LOCATION: Lake Buchanan
HOTSPOT: Lower Main Lake | Dam Area
GPS: N 30 47.55, W 98 24.7319
(30.7925, -98.4122)

Lake Buchanan: Lower Main Lake | Dam Area

SPECIES: Stripers, Hybrid Bass, & White Bass
BEST BAITS: Top water lures and 1/2 oz. jigs with yellow and chartreuse tails
CONTACT: Ken Milam
Tips: “The stripers on Lake Buchanan are on the main lake down towards the dam. Watch for schools of topwater striper feeding on the surface. Trolling white 1/2 oz jugs with yellow and chartreuse tails are also working well this time of year. White bass are on upper end or mid lake around the island. Watch for topwater schools.”

Location: Lake LBJ
Hotspot: Kelly AFB Park Point
GPS: N 30 33.732, W 98 20.988
(30.5622, -98.3498)

Lake LBJ: Kelly AFB Park Point

Species: Bass and Crappie
Best Baits: Worms, drop-shot rigs, crankbaits, buzzbaits and topwater baits
Contact: Teach ‘Em to Fish Guide Service-Barry Dodd
Tips: Bass and crappie remain in their summer patters of holding near the thermocline, along deep-water ledges, points and cover. Look for both species along points intersecting with a significant depth change. Also look for vegetation near the main lake. Generally speaking, the best and most comfortable times to fish in this Texas heat are daybreak until 10 AM, after 7 PM and at night. The 1/3 of the lake closest to the dam will supply the best water temperature and oxygen content. Work the inner vegetation very early with buzzbaits, spinnerbaits, topwaters and lipless cranks then move more to the weed line throwing lipped cranks and plastics after about 8 AM.




LOCATION: Coleto Creek Lake
HOTSPOT: Main Lake
GPS: N 28 44.466, W 97 10.812
(28.7411, -97.1802)

Coleto Creek Lake: Main Lake

SPECIES: Largemouth Bass
BEST BAITS: Top water lures and buzzbaits
CONTACT: Rocky’s Guide Service
Tips: September is a great month to fish because almost any combination of baits will work. I like to fish how I want to, not how the fish want me to. This time of year allows that. I love top water in the early morning. If you haven’t ever thrown a buzz bait or haven’t given one a chance you are really missing out on some good bites. I like taking a white half ounce linker buzz, I bend the hook outward just a little. (the same on my spinners) this helps on short strikes. Then when I cast, just as soon as it hits the water, I’m retrieving. I find it’s usually the first 10 to 15 feet I get hit. I like to slow roll it as slow as possible. Nothing sounds as good as when you hear the fish eat it. It’s a blast and also you cover a lot of water. Don’t hesitate to throw it through the same places a couple times especially in stained or dirty water give the fish a chance to find it. As always good fishing and good luck.



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