Tactical Style: TWOD Tactical Rifle Soft Case Review

If you own a lot of guns, you probably have acquired more than a few soft and hard gun cases. When I bought my first AR-15 several years ago, I invested in a basic tactical soft gun case to transport it to and from the range and the woods. It lacked many features I was looking for. Twod sent me one of their tactical soft cases to review and I must say I was much more impressed.

My old AR-15 gun case had  just a vinyl material inside where the Twod soft case has a very soft protective egg crate foam like material that lines the entire inside of the case. This makes it more shock proof and provides insulation from whatever the outside of the case encounters. There are a couple of handle options and one really nice shoulder strap with a padded cushion to make carrying the case very comfortable, especially for longer trips when carrying it.

One thing many folks overlook in a gun case is the quality of the zipper. This main case zipper is larger and stronger than my other soft cases I own and looks, feels and operates with a degree of high quality. The case comes with four magazine pouches and the Velcro keeping them secure is solid and secure. There is also a long side pocket on the same side as the mag pouches for holding cleaning supplies, accessories or you name it! Here’s my review video:

The overall build quality of this soft case is superb compared to most all of my long gun or tactical gun cases. There was a lot of thought put into this case’s design and it shows. Overall this case is sturdy, lightweight and easy to store when not in use. Learn more about this case on Amazon.com here. For quality, value and cost it passes my standards and gets my Texas Tested seal of approval.

Story by Dustin Vaughn Warncke

TF&G Staff:
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