Air Bows Are Legal In Texas But Not…

With the new laws in Texas on airguns and arrow guns/airbows, the sport of airgunning and archery are now a legal means to take whitetail deer and other native Texas game this year and, of course, the multitude of wild hogs and numerous exotic game species also offered in our great state. More on the rules of airgunning in another article. In this post we will talk about the arrow gun, also known as the airbow – an air powered archery weapon unlike anything you may have ever experienced. Texas’ law now allows use of these weapons, like the revolutionary Benjamin Pioneer Airbow, during general whitetail deer season, but not during archery season, per the state’s new rulings.

I have long taken for granted that Texas has some of the most liberal wild game hunting and fishing laws in the nation and legalizing airbows for whitetail deer and other native game species is a game changer for guys like me that like the power of airguns and the skill of archery. Airbows are not new to the market. When they first entered the hunting realm, I had just started full time in the outdoor media world and I dedicated an article, one of my first on FishGame.com, to this new class of weaponry which you can find here.

What the airbow allows you to do is shoot a standard-length arrow with the power of Pre-Charged Pneumatic (PCP) airgun. In the case of the Benjamin Pioneer Airbow, the weapon is based on the Benjamin Bulldog big bore airgun, this may be one of the most uniquely designed weapons you’ve encountered. How fast does it shoot? Try 450 feet per second! That smokes a majority of super-fast compound bows and crossbows on the market today in comparison. There are no strings to wax or cables to replace as the whole system is powered by compressed air and the weapon system is easy to use by almost any age, young or old. This allows people who want to get into archery, but may be apprehensive about using a crossbow and not able to use a compound bow, to enjoy the mystical flight of the arrow.

The Author with an Airbow

The Benjamin Pioneer Airbow comes with a 6x40mm scope with parallax settings from 5-75 yards, three arrows with field tips and a quick detach quiver system to store your arrows when not in use. If you read any of my other archery articles, you know I don’t go anywhere without my Grim Reaper Broadheads. Fixed blade broadheads seem to have the best accuracy in airbows and the Grim Reaper Hades fixed blade heads should be a great pairing with this set up.

Again, the new rulings by Texas Parks and Wildlife at the end of August 2018 were that arrow guns may not be used to hunt whitetail deer or turkey during archery only season but the fact that  they have been allowed during general season and respected by our great state as capable and lethal weapons definitely signals one thing – arrow guns like the Benjamin Pioneer Airbow are here to stay and are a worthy weapon for your next hunting adventure.

Story by Dustin Vaughn Warncke

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