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Missing In Texas (Hundreds)-Many Linked To One Forest

Big State, Big Missing Numbers

Texas is as large as most European countries, so it should come as no surprise we have a large number of missing persons.

And quite a few of these missing person events occur in the great outdoors involving hunters and fishermen and they end in tragedy.

January 2017 saw one of the most awful tragedies that anyone can imagine.

Three young men set out to go duck hunting, but nothing could have prepared their loved ones for what was about to unfold. The young men never returned, and a search soon ensued they had launched their boat before daybreak that Friday morning to go duck hunting and their bodies were recovered the next day in a bay near Corpus Christi. 

 Douglas Moore went deer hunting in Cherokee county and never returned. When Texas Parks & Wildlife Department officers found him he had bled to death from a puncture wound to his leg from the buck he thought was dead. His rifle was found beside his body unloaded.

Many missing persons however simply seem to vanish into thin air. People such as Hunt county resident and retired firefighter Michael Chambers who disappeared on March 10, 2017. He simply walked away to never be seen again.

Of the 760 missing in Texas dozens are from Liberty and Montgomery Counties with many linked to the Sam Houston National Forest. The Houston Chronicle has documented this in a story  called Why do so many people go Missing from Montgomery and Liberty Counties?

A Facebook group called Missing Texas Forty regularly posts updates on the strange disappearances in this two county area.

Really Strange Disappearances

Some disappearances are down right strange and mind-boggling.  Take the case of the Rogers family. Fred and his wife Edwina seemed to have left their home without a word to family.

The table was still set as if waiting on a meal to be served. When the nephew of the couple reported them missing from their Harris county home Police officers visited the home every day for four days. No sign of the couple until the officers opened the refrigerator and found the couple diced up neatly and placed inside. The son of the couple disappeared the next day and has remained the key suspect but has never been seen again. 

Stranger still is the long stretch of road that runs from Houston to Galveston known as “The Texas Killing Fields”. Over 30 young women’s remains have been found along that stretch of I-45. No evidence has been found to point the way to the perpetrator or perpetrators. Not one shred and the FBI and Texas Rangers have been on these cases since the 70’s.

We like to say everything is bigger in Texas and I sure do believe it is. We have huge bass and whitetail bucks to rival anywhere but we also have a lion’s share of missing and the strange.

The outdoors industry rarely if ever covers these subjects but it is a subject outdoors lovers deserve to know about for their own safety.

Jeff Stewart

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