Savage MKII FVSR .22LR with Boyds AT-One Stock

Savage FVSR in Boyds Stock

Shooting rimfire never gets old.  It’s accurate, quiet, and only costs pennies to shoot.  The Savage MK II FVSR is all of those and the addition of the Boyd’s AT-One stock makes it even better.

Mark II indicates Savage’s .22LR magazine fed models.  FVSR stands for Fluted, Varmint, Suppressor Ready.  It’s 16″ barrel is perfect for mounting any 1/2 x 28 TPI threaded accessory like the shown Bowers USS22 suppressor.  I topped off the scope rail with a Meopta 1-4x and disposed of the cheap plastic factory stock for the Boyds AT-One stock with adjustable buttplate and comb.

Savage FVSR in the factory stock. We had to put a pad on it to be able to use an optic with low rings.

The Savage FVSR shoots just as accurately as it looks.  Sub 1″ groups are no problem at 50 yards.  The oversized bolt handle makes quick action manipulations easy.  The famous Accutrigger came set right around 2 pounds and is user adjustable up to 6 pounds.

The rifle runs reliably if we keep it clean.  Too much fouling, most likely enhanced from suppressor blowback, and the chamber likes to hold on to empty casings.  So we keep a bore brush handy.

The safety on these Savages are always very easy to engage, but very stiff to return to fire.  It’s very likely if running the bolt with any speed that the safety accidentally gets bumped into the “Safe” position.  But don’t worry, it takes a good bit of effort to put it into “Fire”.

Savage tends to throw a rail onto their rifles and call them “tactical optics ready” but just like on my .308, it makes the optic far too high.  Even with the lowest rings I could find.  So at first I installed a padded comb on to give us a sense of cheek weld, but the Boyds stock was a much better solution.

The Boyds AT-One stock increased the quality of these rifles tremendously.  They have an adjustable comb for proper height with your optic as well as an adjustable buttsock for proper length of pull.  They offer replaceable grip and forends to match hand sizes as well.  They also come with several sling mounting options and even offer custom laser engraving.  Top notch for sure.

Boyds AT-One Stocks

My only complaint after the factory stock/optic height issue is the Mark II magazines.  They tend to separate at the seams allowing the lips to spread enough to send the rounds flying out the top.  Once this happens it’s time to replace them.  Savage customer service did come to the rescue and sent me free replacements so hopefully this was a fluke.

The Savage FVSR is an excellent entry level precision rimfire rifle with a low retail price of $289.  With the addition of the Boyds stock, quality Meopta glass, and Bowers USS suppressor this is my family’s go-to rifle for squirrel hunting and several Markmanship Camper’s favorite rifles.