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TEXAS TESTED – November 2018

Good Old Reliable Leather

AS PLASTIC AND KYDEX becomes all the rage for holster construction, let us not forget that tried and true leather still does a bang up job at securing your handgun.  This DeSantis Osprey holster gives both IWB and OWB options for carry.  And it looks downright classy as well.

The DeSantis Osprey conveniently allows for both Inside-the-Wasteband (IWB) or Outside-the-Wasteband (OWB) carry.

DeSantis has a longstanding reputation of quality leather holsters for over 40 years.  The Osprey is one of their newest editions to their line.  The Osprey gives the user the option of a comfortable concealable IWB holster while also allowing OWB carry if you desire.

I’ve been wearing the Osprey with my G19 for a few weeks and found it to be secure and comfortable.  I mostly carry IWB style at both appendix and 3 o’clock.  The very firm “pull the dot” button IWB strap takes a bit of getting used to, however there is no doubt that it will stay secure.  The OWB loops are a special bonus that makes this an easy purchase.

The opposite side of the Osprey reveals canted loops for OWB carry. These add no noticeable bulk when in IWB mode.

The Osprey allows for adjustable tension with the lower screw.  But since it is not a retention level holster I wouldn’t recommend it for public open carry.  However out and about the hunting grounds it is a perfect match and comfortable option.  It has a non-adjustable FBI cant gives you a slightly faster draw.

I was also pleasantly pleased that the Osprey had enough clearance for my suppressor high XS Sights and it looks like it might even hold a handgun with a mounted RMR on the rear of the slide.

The Osprey is available for dozens of models of major manufactured handguns such as Colt, Sig, S&W, Springfield, Glock, Ruger and more.  It is available in tan in right and left handed models for 1.5″ belts.  Retail price is listed at $69.99.  You can browse through all the options on DeSantis’ site here or purchase from Amazon here: https://amzn.to/2wVI2pO

Extra High Suppressor Sights were no problem with the DeSantis Osprey.




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