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3 Wacky Fishing Gadgets: Zombait, GoFish Cam, and the Bait Launcher Bait Cannon

We anglers love zany new fishing gear. Even if it doesn’t help us catch more fish, it’s always entertaining to check out – and in some cases, it’s actually useful, too. Here are three wacky and weird items we’ve run across lately, which you might enjoy.

The Zombait brings dead baits back to “life.”

  1. The Zombait – This is a battery-powered widget that you stick into your dead bait, with the little stick facing aft. Turn it on, and the stick wiggles back and forth making your dead bait into a live looking “zombie” fish. We tested a Zombait and found that it made our deceased menhaden look quite lively. We didn’t catch any fish on it, but what the heck – we still love this thing.

    The GoFish Cam gets you a cool underwater view.

    2. The GoFish Cam – Anyone who has a GoPro has probably already tried towing it while trolling, and discovered it’s decidedly non-hydrodynamic design makes it impossible. But the GoFish Cam is streamlined so it can be towed. It can Bluetooth with your phone, too, so you can use the app to both control it and to look at whatever footage you may have captured. We captured some uber-cool footage with one before dropping it to 350 feet while fishing for blue tilefish, which didn’t work out so well – the housing flooded, even though they say it’s good to 500 feet. Still, don’t deep-drop this thing, and you’ll have a lot of fun with it.

  2. The Bait Launcher bait cannon will send your fish flying. Literally.

    3. The Bait Launcher Bait Cannon – We think the name says it all. Thanks to compressed air, this fabulous “firearm” will shoot your sardine up to 100 yards. Can you say, “trigger happy”? We haven’t tested this one out for ourselves but we will just as soon as we get the chance, rest assured. And we’re pretty dang sure we’ll have a blast.

Lenny Rudow: