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INDUSTRY INSIDER – December 2018

What Boat or RV is Best for You?

CAN’T DECIDE WHICH boat or RV to buy? It all depends on your tastes, your budget and your needs. With trends changing, more features are added to boats and RVs, and the range of styles expand each year. For outdoor enthusiasts, the more you know about next year’s trends now, the better off you’ll be when summer arrives.

It’s important to consider all your options and stay open-minded. Going to boat shows and expos is helpful to see the different types, sizes and colors of boats in person, instead of shopping for them online or in catalogs. Industry experts from Texas have revealed trends they’re already seeing, including what families are looking for, popular styles and brands, and even how much the industry has changed over time. 

Buzz Watkins of Sail and Ski in Austin, Texas will be exhibiting at the 2019 Austin Boat and Travel Trailer Show in January, and has attended for over a decade. He said buying a boat didn’t used to be so complicated.

“The most interesting thing is that I’ve been doing this for 40 years and it used to be pretty simple. We might have one kind of boat that was popular in four or five sizes,” Watkins said.  “Now, there are six or seven kinds of boats and a lot more sizes to choose from, not to mention the different colors and motor styles.”

By attending shows and seeing different models, you’re able to order your perfect boat with amenities that are perfect for you and your family (while prices are lower and the selection is bigger), and it will be ready to ride just in time for summer.

The Austin Boat and Travel Trailer Show is docking at the Austin Convention Center from January 4-6, 2019, bringing unbeatable deals on the most popular watercraft. For more information, visit www.austinboatshow.com.

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