SIG P365 Micro 9mm

The SIG P365 definitely lives up to the hype of a "micro 9mm"

SIG’s P365 “Micro 9mm” is quite the compact and accurate handgun.  It could be the perfect fit for your every day carry.

The SIG P3645 is quite compact, even next to this S&W Shield. However the P365 boasts of higher capacity.

Premiering at SHOT Show 2018, the industry was all a buzz with this compact little shooter.  The isn’t just a scaled down pistol of a full sized big brother either.  No the P365 is unique and one of the smallest 9mms that holds a full 10 rounds in the short grip.

The tradeoff of the P365 micro-size was the short and sharp grip.

However the short grip was my first gripe when I picked it up.  The end of the frame likes to stab the heel of my palm.  However using an extended 12 round magazine alleviates that issue.


The grip also has a slightly aggressive laser stippling texture.  The same style texture all the cool kids put on thier polymer guns.  Don’t get me wrong, I love it when I’m shooting.  But in 24/7 wear I found it to be slightly uncomfortable against my skin.  If it was my own handgun and not a T&E loaner I would have taken a little sandpaper to the left side of the frame.  However then it bears mentioning that the right side of the grip likes to act like velcro slowly lifting my shirt from concealment.  So perhaps slick guns are a little better suited for active EDC.

The Sig P365 is both small and accurate.

The trigger breaks at about 6.5 pounds, but my sample pistol was rather crunchy.  Another sample I was able the use was much smoother.  But on both pistols the trigger had a nice crisp break at the end of the pull.

The XRAY3 day/night sights were wonderfully bright and I appreciate the larger front sight.

XRay3 Sights, rear focus

XRay3 Sights – Front Focus

The rail on the dustcover is propritary so don’t plan on slapping any of your aftermarket accessories on it.  SIG Rail gear only.

As for accuracy.  Heck I was very pleased.  Check out the video below for all the details:

The SIG P365 retails for $599, you can find out more details direclty from SIG: https://www.sigsauer.com/store/p365-nitron-micro-compact.html