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Hogs, Hogs And More Hogs

Huge hog populations have inspired at least one manufacturer to come up with their version of a toxic solution.

It doesn’t take an astro physicist to figure out we have a huge population of feral hogs here in Texas.  No matter whether you live in the hill country or the piney woods there are plenty of them.

Hogs are a destructive invasive blight on the Texas landscape and as hunters we have a love hate relationship with them. We love to hunt them but hate what they do to property, but the only way to combat the bad part is to hunt them relentlessly. Hunting hogs has to be the most wide open and hunt there is in the state. There are few restrictions so if the weapon is legal to own then it is legal to hunt hogs with it. You can hunt them with a spear or dogs and a knife.  You can even shoot hogs with a 50BMG if you own one. Some guys even use Tannerite to take out entire sounders and it is all legal unless there is some local regs in your area.

One of the most entertaining hunts I have been on is using night vision and Thermal optics to take out pigs at night. We used the thermal optics to scan the fields and once a sounder was found we made a plan based on the safest approach then stalked to within 40 yards of the targets and we synchronized our shots. Several hogs hit the dirt, talk about fun.

Several companies make feeder lights with remote controls or motion sensors. There honestly is no excuse for not hunting hogs in Texas. Even if you don’t eat them there are any of a number of places and individuals to donate the meat.  I have already donated so many hogs to needy and wanting families this year that I have lost count of the smiling faces.

Hog hunting can be done in any way you want and no special equipment is needed other than a good rifle and maybe a little patience.

They did not grow to more than three million in number by being stupid.

Jeff Stewart


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