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Weisuhn Question

Mr. Weishuhn,I read your article the other day about “pursuing maturity”.

What I want to know about is your use of “wildlife activity charts” to determine peak feeding periods.

Are these charts—the ones in the back of TF&G called the “Sportsman’s Daybook, Tides and Prime Times”?

Are these for fishing only?

If not, then where do you get this activity chart info?

Good hunting!

Rex Cauthen

Weisuhn: As much as possible, I try to use “Activity Charts” which are essentially based on moon phase and position of the moon whenever I hunt.  I’ve learned over the years whitetail deer move pretty close to these published times, as do predators.  Prime fishing and hunting times are the same and the “Sportsman’s Daybook” is an excellent source.

Wish you the very best of days afield.  Please let me know how you do the rest of the hunting season.

Lamascus Article

I wrote TF&G Guns Editor Steve Lamascus a couple of years ago about long-range shooting, and what an individual would be capable of taking a long shot.

I am a Houston Police Officer currently working on my 30th year as a Senior Police Officer. I enjoy the sport of hunting, and the fact there are still places in our country that respect fair chase for game. I call these our Overtime Bucks; due to me working for almost three years of overtime chasing bad guys and saving my overtime pay for a big game hunt.

My son was just promoted to the rank of Sergeant for the Galveston Police Department and has always wanted to hunt Big Mule Deer. We hunted outside of Casper Wyoming with a good friend of mine who had some property that would allow a couple of mule deer tags to be harvested. We hunted for two days glassing and walking hills watching for the specific deer that we wanted to harvest.

The third morning after the snow cleared, my son shot his buck at 215 yards, with a 7mm Remington Magnum using a 150-grain Nosler Ballistic-tip bullet. After celebrating his shot on his buck, the deer I shot stepped out approximately five minutes afterwards at 325 yards. The rancher asked if I was comfortable taking that shot, and I agreed that I was. The buck then stopped at 345 yards and I made the shot with a 7mm Remington Magnum with a 140-grain Nosler Partition bullet. We practiced with our rifles at various ranges before we left for the hunt. And by the way the rancher stated that he would not let anyone take those shots if we could not prove that we could ethically take them on those fine animals. Keep up the good work with the informative articles to the public to take practice and know your rifles or weapons before you take shots at game.

Yours Truly,

Charles Dodson Jr.

The Dodsons enjoyed their hunt together in Wyoming and taking two magnificent bucks on an unforgettable father/son hunt.

Red Wolf Rediscovery

Dear Mr. Moore,

The rediscovery of red wolf DNA on Galveston Island must be exciting for you. I remember you writing a column in Texas Fish & Game on red wolves probably 15 years ago. Thanks for being willing to take a risk on a unique issue and stick with it.

Bob Campbell

Editor: It is indeed a very exciting time and thank you for your kind words. This is a wonderful time for wildlife in Texas because it shows there is still hope even when it seems lost for certain species. I am blessed to work for a publication that has allowed me to explore the mysteries of the great outdoors.




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