Shooting from a Trampoline??? Crazy Video

No this isn’t the safest.  Do not try shooting from a trampoline at home.  I’m a professional marksman on a closed range.

But I read and re-read all the safety notices on the trampoline.  It said nothing about not jumping with firearms.  So ‘Merica!

Ok I’ll admit.  I’m probably just in withdrawal from Top Shot.  Because seriously- this is just like an episode of Top Shot – Redneck Edition.

So before the “Safety Sallies” show up in droves, not only am I a professional marksman, but this is on a closed range, with a shooting berm downrange, with no one else on the property, nor anything but empty forest even behind the berm.  Besides – the majority of the bullets fragmented on steel targets anyhow.  Firearms were always pointed in a safe direction.  Finger was always off the trigger.  If this offends you, click “next“.

Honestly, I was surprised at how easy this was to get the hang of.  First, I tried it with a dry and empty gun.  While I only had a split second of hangtime to acquire my target, for the apex of the jump you are relatively motionless.  It is all I need to let my muscle memory take over, fine tune the sight picture, and complete a smooth trigger press.  Once again – it’s all about the fundamentals.

You’ll notice there were times when I didn’t take a shot because I wasn’t close to being on target.  Then there are other times when I took one anyhow because I was on a roll and didn’t want to pass up the opportunity.

The first set of shots was about 25 yards with a Volquartsen Scorpion .22LR pistol and Bowers USS22 Suppressor.

The next challenge – my favorite – the Primeaux Targets Plate Rack, was shot with my ATEi S&W M&P 9mm with Angelfire 147grain ammunition.

The final scenario was with my 3 Gun Taran Tactical M2 Benelli shotgun on a MGM Pigeon Flipper that we utilize at our Youth Marksmanship Camps.

If you liked this video – stay tuned for more.  Next, I believe I’ll take on a Texas Star target!

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