SHOT Show 2019 – Glock Smart Slide, Miniguns, 9mm Gatling Guns…

Radetech's Smart Slide for Glock was quite the hit.

As always, SHOT SHow was massive and overwhelming.  NSSF said that it’s so large that if you were to visit every single booth you would only have 22 seconds at each one.  With over 61,000 in attendance, 12.5 miles of aisles, and 1,600 vendors we can only see a fraction of the show.  However here are several of my highlights:

If I could have brought one thing back, it would have been Tippmann Armory’s 9mm Gatling Gun:

Tippmann Armament Gatling gun – accept Glock Mags

Ok well maybe it would have been Sol Invictus Arms AA-12, but unfortunately, it would only be in semi-auto.  But the video above shows the open bolt full auto version:

Full Auto AA-12 mag dumps all day at Industry Day at the Range

If only this wasn’t $4,400, I would love to have one of these Archery Trap Target Throwers for Marksmanship Camp:

Phoenix 65R25 Archery Trap

Unique items such as this “CanMunition (try saying that outloud) is sometimes found out in the hallway booths.  This was from an Australian company coming into the US market.  Contains 90 rounds of 9mm.  Would be a cool gift.

CanMunition for Preppers

And then there are unique and odd innovations such as Tradition’s Crackshot Arrow Rifle.  We have seen pneumatic arrow rifles in the past, however, this one is legally a firearm and is transferred with a .22LR barrel.  Then it also includes the arrow launching tube/barrel that fires hollow shaft arrows around 375FPS utilizing a .27 caliber blank.  But why?  Crossbows also reach that speed.  The representative admits it’s not legal to hunt game animals with yet.  $400.

Traditions Crackshot Arrow rifle

And in the “nice try” category I put the KelTec CP33.  I wanted to love it when I heard of a new .22LR pistol but my first impression was the unwieldy grip and cheap construction.

KelTec’s new .22LR handgun boasts of a 33 round quad stack magazine.