SIG Optics BDX Rifle Scope and Range Finder System Review

The SIG BDX System shares data from your SIG BDX rangefinder with a BDX app on your smart phone. The app adds ballistic and atmospheric data, computes firing solution and sends it to your SIG BDX riflescope. The scope then illuminates an aiming dot that represents the firing solution.

SIG Sauer’s impressive BDX System brings hi-tech to hunting big game, but here’s the catch—you still must have the skill to deliver the shot. Let me explain.

The SIG system is unique because your SIG BDX rangefinder sends your target’s lasered range plus up or down angle to your smart phone (either IPhone or Android). To enable your phone to receive this data, you will have downloaded SIG’s BDX app beforehand.

Once it’s up and running, you enter information about your cartridge’s muzzle velocity and the bullet’s ballistic coefficient. At the beginning of your hunting day, you also enter current atmospheric data including altitude and temperature as well as wind speed and direction. With all this information in place, the app computes the best firing solution. At this point, your smart phone sends the firing solution to your BDX riflescope.

When you look through your properly zeroed BDX scope to aim at your quarry, an aiming dot representing the transmitted firing solution illuminates in your field of view. At that point, it’s up to you and your shooting skills to deliver a well-aimed, killing shot.

If this sounds complicated, it is. To get through the set-up, you’ll need some computer savvy, patience and the ability to follow instructions exactly and in the correct order.

If this isn’t you, or if you can’t find a geek to set up your BDX System, I won’t kid you, you need to look elsewhere. On the other hand, once you’ve got the BDX System purring contentedly, you have a tool that will provide you an unprecedented level of trajectory information to support your long-range shooting ability.

All of the above raises the question: Does using this system violate the concept of “fair chase”? Is it “sporting”?

In my humble opinion, the answer is a resounding YES!

Ethical sport hunting has two fundamental elements, (1) how you find your game, i.e. “fair chase,” and (2) how to deliver a humane kill with minimal suffering.

The SIG BDX System plays no part in how you find your game. However, it greatly diminishes the chance of crippling and losing game to die slowly and painfully. The fact is, the SIG BDX significantly improves your ability to make a clean and humane kill.

So, the answer is obvious. Far from being unsporting, the SIG BDX System actually aids and enhances the concept of ethical sport hunting.

A hunter from an earlier century could scarcely have imagined the advances in hunting technology available today. However, some of us continue to be content with older methods and equipment, even limiting ourselves to various kinds of older tools—muzzleloaders, bows and arrows or even more primitive technology. On the other hand, such advances as the SIG BDX System are becoming increasingly popular—as well they should!

Personally, I find the SIG BDX System to be fascinating, and I’ll continue to explore its possibilities in some, but not all, of my forays in pursuit of big game.

Story by Stan Skinner

TF&G Staff:
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