Improving Your Archery Game with a “Bonus Ring” Sight Ring Enhancer

I love the archery sports and one of my goals is to get more families shooting together outdoors in different settings. For the modern-day archer, not only have great strides been made for archery equipment of just about every style, there are also many things you can do with a stick and string: bowhunting, bowfishing, indoor shooting leagues, outdoor target competitions, 3D target shoots, and the list goes on.

I recently bumped into a product on a Facebook promotion that was posted by one of my bowhunting buddies for a sight ring enhancer called the Bonus Ring (www.bonus-ring.com). These silicone rings come in several colors, many florescent and glow-in-the-dark, that help you quickly line up your peep sight on your bow string to your bow-mounted sight to help you quickly and efficiently settle your sight pin on its intended target. This is a brilliant idea for archers shooting in low light situations, such as bowhunting for wild hogs in the early morning or dusk hours.

These sight rings are made of 100% silicone and come in a standard and micro size to fit just about any archery pin sight housing out there. Simply stretch this ring over the sight housing and you are off to the woods or archery range. The rings are easy to install and really makes a difference in acquiring your sight picture and making a great shot time after time.

Now many archery sights come with a sight ring but the bonus ring is just that – a bonus add-on for your archery rig’s sight housing to make it that much brighter and easy to see in low light conditions. This is one of my product picks for archery here in the new year and I really think it will help you up your game in the field. At only $10 per ring, there isn’t a high-ticket investment to make either. This is an affordable way to make that shot count on that wild hog or coyote in the mystery of the darkness! Check these guys out at www.bonus-ring.com for more information or to order one for your bow.

Story by Dustin Vaughn Warncke

TF&G Staff: