Innovative Arms RMK – Hollywood Quiet Integral .22LR Pistol

Innovative Arms RMK

Usually, Hollywood screws up suppressor effects much like everything else they touch firearm related.  All the 007 movies make Bond’s suppressed Walther sound more like a cartoon laser gun rather than a suppressed pistol. According to movies, suppressors are magical noise eliminating devices rather than just a muzzle muffler.  However sometimes, with certain guns and calibers – suppressors can be downright quiet.  This is one of those times.

Most subsonic rounds can get very quiet.  But this Innovative Arms RMK Integral package is amazingly quiet and even downright accurate.  At the end of the video posted below, I’m hitting steel out to 300 yards!  Open sight, bulk ammo.


The beauty of the Integral RMK is the simplistic design.  Tearing it down into 3 solid pieces is easily accomplished using a 3/8″ ratchet or square driver.  The monocore baffle is constructed from billet stainless steel meaning it is also easy to clean.  You can use the core as a scraper to clean the side walls of the suppressor tube once it is removed.  Personally, I’m probably just going to dump the core into my ultrasonic cleaner after several hundred rounds and call it good.

The RMK shown both assembled and disassembled. So simple. Yet so effective.


I always expect to hear a first round pop with monocore designs.  However, I only detected just the slightest volume difference once when I was shooting it at 300 yards.

No that’s not a typo.  It is plenty accurate.  While the rifled barrel technically is only about 3.5″ in length, and ported as well, the integral design gives you a very long sight radius making it easier for the shooter to aim more accurately.  In the above video, I displayed this by lobbing lead silently into a steel target at the 300-yard berm.

Yes you can get the RMK in a Ruger MIV pistol as well, making it much easier to disassemble.

I did have a few malfunctions in the video, but it turns out my magazines were filthy from dozens of Marksmanship Camps so it can’t be attributed to the barrel.

Innovative Arms constructs the RMK by building it onto your existing Ruger Mark II, III, IV, or 22/45, bull barreled upper.  The service runs $625 and in a few weeks it will be returned to your Class III FFL to begin the transfer.  Since it is a suppressed firearm it does take the $200 infringement tax and months of wait for the ATF to “allow” you to take it home.  But if you ever wanted a true deal, Hollywood assassin style, quiet as everything and sleek as-all-get-out suppressed .22LR pistol, this is the one.  Order one or find out more here: https://innovativearms.com/portfolio/rmk-ruger-mk-integral 

RMK 22/45