LaRue Tactical SUURG 1,000 Round Torture Test!

LaRue Tactical designed the SUURG (Suppresed Ulitmate Upper Receiver Group) to answer the military’s call for a more durable and field serviceable suppressor.  With something designed for that purpose it should be super tough, right?  Mark LaRue flew me in to put the SUURG to the test with 1,000 rounds of relentless full automatic fire.  Here’s how it faired:

I was incredibly impressed.  I’ve seen a few suppressor torture tests where the silencers failed after just a couple hundred rounds so I was a bit nervous going into this.  Especially for my own safety.   It’s not uncommon for heat to cause the rifle or the suppressor to rupture and fail.  The experts told me that after 180 rounds the gas tube can fail so I paused a few times to douse it to make sure we could keep shooting.  Nothing that you couldn’t do on the battlefield if you had to keep firing.

Post-Torture Test, the finish looked good as new on the suppressor after it lost its cherry red hue.

Apart from what you have learned from watching the above video, I wanted to emphasize how impressed I was with the rifle’s durability, performance, and accuracy:

No Blowback

All my suppressed .223 ARs, including those with various suppressors, adjustable gas blocks, piston systems and adjustable bolt carrier groups, still gas out my face after short bursts of fire.  After a couple of magazines, I realized I wasn’t getting gassed out at all!  That’s right.  No more blowback than you would get from an unsuppressed rifle.

The new LaRue F.A.T. (Full Auto Trigger) worked 100% as well.


The SUURG suppressor was also comfortable on the ears.  Again, after about a magazine of suppressed .223/5.56 from my personal rifles I’m reaching for ear pro.  But I just went through 1,000 round without issue.  Insane.  We did have a meter present that actually measured sound “at the ear” performance before and after the 1,000 rounds and found that it actually got quieter.  Crazy.

Pre-torture test suppressor performance: 138.7 dB

Post-torture test suppressor performance: 137.5 dB


In the video, you can see the “ball wall” results showing that we had bullets tumbling downrange by the end of the test.  Bullets were keyholing into the target face showing that the barrel expanded so much that they were no longer stable.  Yet because of the suppressor’s design there were no baffle strikes.  Mark LaRue informed me that they will be renaming the S.U.U.R.G.  to the N.A.B.S for “Never A Baffle Strike”.

And after the barrel cooled, I was still able to shoot a 0.9″ group!  We did have about a 5″ shift in zero, but since we heated everything to red hot conditions we weren’t surprised that the barrel found a new spot to hit.

Post Torture Test accuracy result – 0.9″

I will admit that the SUURG it wasn’t on my radar until I had this chance to shoot it.  I thought it looked weird with the heat shield and the long muzzle device was just odd.  However after this test proving the functionality of the system and durability of the design I’m in love with it and it’s on my wish list.

I just need to get my order in before everyone else does!  It is available in 5.56, .224 Valkerie, 6.5 Grendel, and .300 Blackout.

You can find out more at https://www.larue.com/products/larue-ultimate-suurg-kit/