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Turkey Talk

It was great getting the newsletter with the turkey information. Turkey hunting is vastly overlooked in Texas and I like what you are doing for these magnificent birds.

Do you think turkeys will ever get the attention they deserve here in Texas? In places like Georgia turkey are on par with whitetail.

Travis Page

Editor: Thanks for the kind words. The Turkey National is a labor of love and a concept I had to raise awareness to turkey conservation. Glad to see it’s connecting. I believe there is huge potential for turkey hunting to grow in popularity in Texas, especially with hunters who have deer leases in prime turkey country. It’s just a matter of education, and we will lead that charge on that issue on these pages.

Do you think the white turkeys that you put in the newsletter could be hybrids with domestics?

Carter Jones

Editor: No, I think they are wild birds. Albinism and just simply cool color phases happen. Scientists say all the colors that domestic birds have can show in wild birds because turkeys have not been domesticated all that long in comparison to say chickens. In other words if it shows up in captivity the genetic potential is there in the wild.

Have you had any success yet on your quest to get good photos of the Grand Slam?

Crissy Roth

Editor: Yes, I have been able to photograph Rio Grandes and eastern birds at the time of this writing. Much more to come. Keep an eye on these pages at at fishgame.com.

Editor-In-Chief Chester Moore was busted by this gobbler as he tried to sneak up near a tree for a better shot on his belly. “These were free-ranging birds on a farm and they didn’t know whether they were tame or wild or in between but this one was the boss,” Moore said. His wife Lisa shot this photo and caught an unforgettable moment. Photos of this bird obviously does not count for Chester’s Grand Slam but he said it was a blast. “I got great photos of the turkeys eyes which was my mission. I am just glad I didn’t get spurred! He was very unhappy. and I had to share with the readers to show some of the crazy stuff that happens in the field.” photo: Lisa Moore




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