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FISH & GAME GEAR – June 2019

Yamaha V8 XTO for Offshore Power

Yamaha V8 XTO

THE V8 XTO OFFSHORE offers the extreme of power, toughness, integration, and convenience. Using cutting-edge industry technology, Yamaha has created a true game-changer in the outboard motor market. The V8 XTO has 5.6-liters of thrust and features an impressive 425 horsepower. It is also the first four-stroke powerhead in the outboard market to use Direct Injection, providing maximum power and fuel efficiency.

The V8 XTO Offshore is also the first outboard motor of its kind to have fully integrated electric steering. The electric motor moves and secures the outboard directly, resulting in a faster, more precise steering system, all without sacrificing power. Combine that with Yamaha’s new upgraded Helm Master, and you’ve got the most precise and responsive steering experience available.

The Offshore XTO’s alternator delivers 90-plus amps of total available power, with up to 58 amps at trolling RPM and up to 72 amps net charging at around 1,500 RPM, where it’s needed most. Exhaust is routed away from the propellers, resulting in up to 300 percent more reverse thrust that the F350.

Boats powered by the V8 XTO Offshore are easier than ever to service. The unique gearcase lubricant exchange system allows fluid change in the water, meaning that the beat never even has to leave the dock for a lower unit service. The motor is also backed by the best-trained dealer network in the industry and comes with a five-year limited warranty. Simply put, with the V8 XTO Offshore, you’re boating experience will be second to none.

The reception to the new Yamaha V8 XTO Offshore has been overwhelmingly positive in the market. These outboards, accompanied with systems such as the latest generation of Helm Master and Yamaha’s CL7 Display, provide boaters the best experience to enjoy time on the water. As seen in the market, XTOs are offered in single to quint application.

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Hooking Sharp with New Trokar Designs

Trokar TK 137

Trokar TK 137W

EAGLE CLAW TROKAR, the U.S. manufacturer of premium quality fish hooks expands on the popular line-up of award winning Trokar hooks with the TK137 Finesse hook. Available with (TK137W) and without (TK137) hand tied weed guards, these hooks are meticulously designed to be the ultimate tool in finesse fishing. Featuring Trokar’s patented Surgically Sharpened Technology in the hook point ensures faster, deeper penetration with less required pressure for hookset. The Pro-V bend holds soft plastics in place when wacky or neko-style fishing and is tested and proven stronger than its round bend cousins.

Bassmaster Elite Series angler Chris Zaldain, known for his finesse fishing prowess, served as a product tester fishing with the TK137 Finesse Hook during the 2018 AOY tournament on Georgia’s Lake Chatuge. “ I just weighed the second biggest bag of the tournament” Zaldain said after clinching his 2019 Bassmaster Classic spot, “and I owe it all to the TK137. The really cool thing about this hook is the Pro-V bend. Of course the Trokar hook point is super sharp, the barb is strong, but that Pro-V Bend is the feature I love on this hook because it keeps the o-ring right where it needs to be when neko-style rigging.”

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Shedding Light Below the Surface

THE STORY OF Underwater Fish Light is one that symbolizes the true American dream. What has now become a successful business, was born out of John Molle’s garage in 2005 when he simply wanted to make a working fish light for himself. All other fish lights on the market were above the water, causing the fishermen to cast a shadow and scare away the fish. John then came up with the idea to put the lights under the water to avoid this problem. After countless hours of testing and trials, John put the first official Underwater Fish Light in the waterway behind his house. People were drawn to the strange green glow by his dock and wanted to get one for themselves. He started out just making them for neighbors and friends, but as word spread, he started selling them on Craigslist and EBay. A few months later, Underwater Fish Light grew too big for a simple garage, so John moved it to a warehouse.

Underwater Fishlight headquarters in Port Charlotte, Florida. Right, the 12-volt LED portable system.

Over the years, John’s business has continued to grow. He has moved from the warehouse, to a storefront, and now to a 5,000-square foot manufacturing facility in Port Charlotte, Florida, which is about to be outgrown as well. As a family-run business they have always prided themselves on going above and beyond for their customers. Providing excellent customer service as well as the highest quality lights on the market have always been their top priorities. Every customer that purchases any of light systems from Underwater Fish Light will receive a 60-night money back guarantee as well as a 3-year manufacturer warranty.

As their business has grown, so has their product line. Underwater Fish Light now offers three different color series in dock light systems, portable versions of the dock light systems, LED systems for fishing piers, as well as accessories to protect and customize each system. Everyone at Underwater Fish Light takes pride in the fact that everything manufactured and sold is made in the United States of America. Over the years, they have proved themselves time and time again as the producers of some of the best dock lights anyone can find. Not only do they have customers nationwide, but they also have customers and lights all around the world, from the Bahamas and Bermuda, to Israel and Dubai. After almost 12 years and through these changes, two things remain the same. Underwater Fish Light is dedicated to their customers and they stand by their product. Try one of their lights today; Fish Guaranteed.

Single Light System Information

Underwater Fish Light systems are designed and manufactured in the United States and come with a three-year warranty to guarantee fish and fun for years to come! By reflecting off microorganisms in the water, these lights attract baitfish, and in return, attract predator fish. For over a Decade, Underwater Fish Light has been producing the highest-quality fish lights and bringing natural aquariums to homes all around the world.

LED Information

Underwater Fishing Light’s 12-Volt LED portable system is one of the most versatile fish lights on the market. The

Their LED Fishing Lights offer huge power in a compact package with true 360° coverage.

For their innovative design, they use the brightest LEDs in the world as the foundation and assemble them with the same high standards as all of our professional-grade lighting products. At only 23 inches, these lights are easy to transport, handle, and deploy, but don’t let the small size fool you. They include two different weights with each light to allow you to either sink it to your preferred depth, or keep it up near the surface to give you maximum flexibility. They warranty all of our lights for a full three years.


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