Bog Fieldpod Tripod Review

In my last product review, I covered the BOG FIELDPOD MAX tripod shooting rest and wrote about my experience in getting my son Jackson outdoors shooting one of our  crossbows in our backyard archery range. In this blog we are stepping it up a notch!  Although the BOG Fieldpod Magnum model is a bit overkill for a crossbow rest, I still saw the value in demonstrating the stability and sheer quality and performance of this rest in my video below. Obviously, which a designation like Magnum, this is a bigger rest than the Max version and it is suited for larger caliber rifles where stability and steadiness are even more key.

As you can see from the photos, this rest has points that “dig in” to the ground, making it great for the outdoor terrain encountered in the great beyond. Add to that the quick adjustments of the legs and front and rear rest as well as the easy adjustments to the other parts of the rest platform and you have yourself a winner for all of your big rifle and shotgun shooting adventures! What’s more is that this rest, although heavier than the Max version, is still easily portable in the field and sets up in a matter of seconds when you arrive to your desired location.

Once again, It is composed of tough and durable material but overmolded at the forend and rear support points to prevent any damage to your weapon. What amazes me the most about this shooting platform overall is the thought than went into this shooting platform. Unlike many products, real hunters and shooters engineered this you can tell many hours and prototypes went into this design. Although it is heavier, this shooting platform is undeniably solid as a rock and makes steady shots easy and fun from various positions.

Check it out here: https://amzn.to/2F7Hi56



Story by Dustin Vaughn Warncke


TF&G Staff: