Best. Gun Belt. Ever.

Kore Belts arrive in pristine packaging, and since they are custom adjustable, they make the perfect gift as well.

Armed citizens serious about concealed carry know the importance of a sturdy gun belt.  If you are still carrying your sidearm in a floppy discount belt it’s time to fix that rookie error.


Kore Belts focuses on being rigid enough to carry your firearm as securely as possible.  Comfortably.  It’s annoying to have to readjust your belt constantly when it continues to ride down or finds itself too tight.  Kore belts are designed to be sturdy enough that they won’t sag.  The reinforced belt with the “Power-Core” center is practically incapable of sagging.  In fact, the belt comes with a small velcro keeper in order to keep the slack of the belt secure against your body while it is still new.  Without the keeper, the slack of the belt would stick out straight.  Kore Belts do all this while giving you adjustability within 1/4″ increments.

Kore Belts adjustable track gives seemingly infinite comfort settings. Yes, the set screws show a little rust after wearing the belt 24/7 in the Deep East Texas humidity.

Honestly – it’s ridiculous that other belts still stick to the fastening design of sticking a metal buckle through holes about 1″ apart. The same design for thousands of years.  Different pants, different holsters, different handguns, heck just eating a nice, big meal can feel much better with micro-adjustments that Kore belts allows.  Simply depress the tiny lever at the bottom and find your comfort adjustment.  Once you try it, you’ll never go back.

The micro track is surprisingly strong.  As displayed in the above video, it held up my 170 pounds just fine while I rode down the camp zipline.  I was finally able to sheer the track after violently jumping up and down from the zipline.


As stated above – don’t expect your Kore Belt to safely hold you while bungee jumping.

The only other downside I’ve experienced in wearing my Kore Belt for the past 10 months is the awkwardness of stuffing a rigid belt in my backpack while having to remove it at TSA checkpoints.  Not really a time I wear my gun anyhow…  But don’t expect me to wear anything else at this point.


Kore constantly expands with new options.  Buckles and belts can be mixed and matched.  Not only does Kore offer gun belts, but fashion and casual belts as well that are less rigid.  I got tired of counting all the dozens of models of colors and buckles – so you can just go look at them all here: https://www.koreessentials.com

Acquire One

If you wear a gun at all, you should have a solid belt.  The prices are surprisingly reasonable as well.  The GunBelt series start at $59, extra buckles are $29, and fashion belts start at $49 and go up to $129 for premium, textured, full grain leather models.  Find out more at https://www.koreessentials.com


Related: The Survival Belt isn’t as rigid, but the buckle has a built-in flashlight, bottle opener, fire striker and knife blade.