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As outdoors enthusiasts, most of us have a wide array of knives for different purposes. I bought my first “game processing” knife set a year or so into the time when I first started taking hunting seriously in my early 20s and it was alright but nothing like the field dressing and game processing kits we have today. The HME 9-Piece Kit is a definite upgrade from what I have used in years past for doing the “dirty jobs” we are tasked as hunters to do after pulling the trigger. The real work begins at that point, as my father frequently reminds me, and a  kit like this makes the chore much easier. It is so much nicer to work on field dressing and processing any type of wild game if you have the right tools for the job and this kit has just about anything a hunter might need.

This kit includes 4 stainless steel knives made from 420HC stainless steel and non-slip TPR rubber handles. The convenient- to- carry case allows the hunter to neatly store everything in it’s right place and makes transporting the set easy.

This kit also includes a sharpening steel, saw, rib spreader and gloves. This has been an adequate kit to for both big and small game hunting adventures. You might throw a few zip ties in the mix and some replacement gloves and you’re all set to take on any wild game processing task nature throws your way.

Now this set has a wide variety configurations and sizes but I found the 9-piece set had everything I needed to do any chore in the field. The next step above this, the 12-piece set, has a meat fork and shears if you want to upgrade to the largest version. I chose the 9-piece as it gives me just about everything I need to be successful in the field as well as in my kitchen. Over the past few weeks I have butchered a fallow doe and axis doe from whole deer down to prime cuts for the freezer and trimmings for the grinder with ease, all by myself and had an incredibly pleasant experience doing so with the right knives.

You can certainly use this kit for just field dressing but doing processing on your own is an educational, enriching, inspiring and rewarding experience as you can go at your own pace and cut the meat however you wish. Now, keeping in mind that I still use deer processors like DB Wild Game Processing and Brizendines Deer Processing, both in my neck of the woods of Bertram, Texas.  I will drop off boned out meat and trim for burger and bulk sausage grinding. That is an affordable and easy option for many hunters these days. After all, you don’t have to do all the hard work yourself. Skinning your deer, hog or exotic game animals and deboning the meat saves you money and gives you many other options than just dropping it off field dressed at a processor. I have even learned how to skin and quarter up deer and wild hogs on my pick up truck bed and tailgate without a gambrel and winch or hoist. It is a bit more challenging but not as bad as doing it from the ground level.

When I mentor new hunters, I recommend keeping your backstraps and roasts whole, steaking them out right before you are ready to cook or just cooking them whole. There are few things as enjoyable as cutting your own meat from your own harvests and taking wild game from the field all the way to the table. I knife set like this gives you a lot of different options and, like guns, you can never have too many knives! Don’t repeat this sage advice in front of your significant other in your life too loud. That is, unless, you want them to buy this kit for your next celebration of a birthday or Christmas gift.

I write, film and record many review pieces like this through articles, blogs, podcasts and videos and the main theme that comes up again and again is one word: Value. This product is an incredible value for the price, and I give it my Texas Tested seal of approval as well as a very high recommendation for your future hunting and wild game processing adventures. Learn more here: https://www.hmeproducts.com/9-piece-deluxe-field-dressing-kit/

Dustin Vaughn Warncke

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