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December 13, 2017
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Learn to catch the Big 3 from the man who literally wrote the books on them, Texas Fish & Game Editor-in-Chief Chester Moore.  Flounder Fever, Texas Trout Tactics and Texas Reds
Get all three SIGNED books for $44.85.


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Learn to catch a Grand Slam from Chester Moore, the man who literally wrote the books on them.

What is a Grand Slam? Catch a flounder, a redfish and a speckled trout on one outing. This is much easier said than done. But Chester Moore has written three great books dedicated to improving your chances of catching each of them. And now we have included all three in one special deal. You can now get Flounder Fever, Texas Trout Tactics and Texas Reds in our Special Grand Slam package.

Texas Fish & Game Editor-in-Chief Chester Moore is an internationally acclaimed outdoors journalist, broadcaster and conservationist. His career has spanned nearly three decades. And he has won dozens and dozens of awards for his writing, radio broadcasts and conservation efforts. He has appeared on numerous television networks and shows discussing fish and wildlife, including Animal Planet, The Outdoor Channel and Fox Sports.

In his outdoor adventures he has travelled throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, South America and Europe.

He has authored five books in the Texas Fish & Game library. And three of those books, Texas Reds, Flounder Fever, and Texas Trout Tactics, are among the best selling books in the library. As a result, these books have established Chester as one of the most knowledgeable experts on inshore fishing and gamefish.

Grand Slam of Three Top Sellers

Texas Trout Tactics explores the biology, seasonal patterns, most productive lures and live baits, and many other tactics anglers can use in pursuit of this star among coastal gamefish.

Texas Reds reveals a wealth of information and tactics on redfish. From the historic rebound they made over the decades since sport anglers won the “Redfish Wars” with commercial interests, to the best boat, bank and wade fishing tactics for catching these bronze beauties, Texas Reds is a must read for coastal anglers.

In Flounder Fever, Chester presents a fundamental program for finding and catching one of the most challenging—and delicious—species available to Gulf Coast anglers.

Alone, each these books have shared the top of the best seller list in the Texas Fish & Game book library.

And now you can get them in a true Grand Slam of a deal.

And as an added bonus, Chester Moore will personally autograph each book!

Get all three SIGNED books for $44.85.

Texas Fish & Game Editor-in-Chief Chester Moore

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