The Gun Owner’s Book Collection – The Texas Gun Owners Guide & After You Shoot

Know your rights! Get The Gun Owner’s Book Collection today.  The Texas Gun Owner’s Guide and After You Shoot have been bundled together for a special price.  Order your books today and know your rights!   Texas Gun Owner’s Guide Texas has strict gun laws. You have to obey the laws. There are serious penalties for breaking the rules. Many gun owners don’t know all the rules. Some have the wrong idea of what the rules are. It doesn’t make sense to own a gun and not know the rules. Here at last is a comprehensive book, in plain English, about the laws and regulations that control firearms in Texas. Many people find laws hard to understand, and gathering all the relevant ones is a lot of work. This book helps you with these chores. Collected in one volume are the principal state laws controlling gun use in Texas. Guns are serious business and require the highest level of responsibility from you. Know the law.     After You Shoot Dial 911 and fry. You are gasping for air. You just stopped a would-be murderer cold with your sidearm four rounds to the chest. Do you have the right to remain silent? Then how do you dial 911 and talk to a police voice recorder? How do you make that call and not say anything? According to criminal-defense attorneys, half of all convictions for self-defense incidents rely on frantic traumatized 911 tapes. As a bonus, the media will air your voice nationwide for weeks. That can t be right. Do you have the right to have an attorney prior to and during any questioning? What about your precious Fifth Amendment rights against self incrimination? How do you make a 911 call and protect your rights? You cannot. When you call 911 after saving your life with gunfire, you are giving up the crucial life-saving rights you think you have. And that s wrong. The dangerous snare of 911 recordings is built into the American self-defense system and no one has looked at it hard until now. After You Shoot lights up this overlooked problem and provides common-sense, workable solutions to these horrors vicious traps that threaten every gun owner and innocent crime victim in America. More than 70 experts contributed to the ideas presented here, the “common wisdom” that floats around is examined, and five specific solutions to the problem are provided, including the controversial Adnarim statement. Don’t help convict yourself. Read After You Shoot.

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