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January 2, 2013

Join a Gun Rights Organization Today

Gun owners need to be supporting organizations committed to fighting for their 2nd Amendment rights now more than ever.  Don’t put it off any longer.  Below is a list to get you started, join them all! National Rifle […]
December 28, 2012

Countering More Propaganda – “Seized Rocket Launchers” ~ CNN Video

The outright LIES that the media keeps spewing is really getting to me. In this CNN report on a police gun “buyback” (even thought the police never owned it in the first place, what arrogance!) the […]
December 27, 2012

Oppressive “Gun Control” Agenda Unveiled

We have been warned, we have been watching, and now we get a glimpse of the ban, registration, and confiscation plan that anti-gun politicians are moving toward. Hopefully this doesn’t get any traction and our representatives […]
December 22, 2012

NY Governor Cuomo on Guns- “Confiscation could be an option”

“You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” ~ Rahm Emanuel The Govenor of New […]
December 19, 2012

Dustin Ellermann Sounds Off on Gun Control (News Interview)

From a recent phone interview with the Lufkin Daily News: In the wake of Friday’s shooting at a Newtown, Conn., elementary school that left 27 people dead, gun-rights and gun-control advocates have sparked an intense dialogue […]
December 18, 2012

Another Mass Murder Stopped by Another Good Guy (No Media Coverage)

A ticked off ex-boyfriend attempted to go on a killing spree this past Sunday in San Antonio, TX only to be stopped by an off-duty deputy. Authorities say the ex-girlfriend received a message from Jesus Manuel Garcia […]
December 16, 2012

CHL Holder Stopped Oregon Mall Mass Murderer

Interesting how this got completely left out of the news reports.  But it makes perfect sense.  Why would a “mass murder” in a target rich environment only kill 2? Simple answer: he was stopped by a good […]
December 11, 2012

Choose a Gun with Top Shot Champion in Frisco, TX

I’ll be at Academy Sports and Outdoors Grand Opening in Frisco, TX on Saturday December 15th from 10am-2pm. Come on by and see me, I’ll be hanging out at the gun counter all day if they […]
December 10, 2012

Gun Rights Are Not About Hunting

With all the recent events we have been so busy arguing reasonable, logical points against the gun control agenda and discrediting the anti-gunner’s lies that we forget that this debate is unnecessary in the first place. We have the 2nd Amendment as […]
December 9, 2012

Gift Ideas for Marksmen Part II

Final list of gift ideas for the marksmen in your life. Also be sure to check out the list for the young at heart marksmen. Ammo – the more the better.  If you don’t know what […]