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June 25, 2012

Wives, Guns, and Other Perfect 10’s

On a scale of one to 10, I would have to give my American Dream a solid 10. Clearly, Mrs. N is a perfect 10. My kids and grandkids are all perfect tens. This amazing gravity […]
June 14, 2012

My Friend Bill Maher

I recently had a nice conversation with my friend, ultra left-wing comedian Bill Maher. He wants me back on his television program to explain why I am so angry with the Obama administration’s policies. I will accommodate […]
June 8, 2012

Slickheads are Trophies, Too

I think this was my 205th day of bowhunting for the season, that long, eternal, endless Texas season of bowhunting beyond our wildest dreams, and though I was feeling the pangs of certain hard earned fatigue, […]
June 3, 2012

I Got It So Bad, I Got It Good

If it were not for this crazy out of control corrupt government, my life would literally be perfect. Even my agonizingly painful battered knees are livable, but the enemies of America infesting our government have got […]
May 29, 2012

The Texas Hunting Obstacle Course

I am a very lucky man to have such a deep, BloodBrother connection with so many wonderful hunting families across the nation. Not a day goes by that I don’t hear from numerous families with glowing […]
May 25, 2012

Memorial Day: Freedom Isn’t Free

Freedom isn’t free. Never has been, never will be. Very special warriors have provided freedom at supreme sacrifice since time immemorial. Good people will never forget, and we celebrate Memorial Day with a hard charging spirit […]
May 22, 2012

The Eyes Have It

The giant American bison was 75 yards across the slope of the stunning South Dakota hillside. My Lakota guide had directed me to make the final stalk on my own, and the Great Spirit of the […]
May 17, 2012

Prepare Your Hunt NOW

Once we got the foodplots in, we took down more than 40 treestands and goundblinds all across our sacred hunting grounds. Springtime isn’t just about house cleaning, turkey and bear hunting and planting crops, and in […]
May 15, 2012

The Good, The Bad, and The Skunked

Thursday morning, nothing. Another long, tedious Thursday afternoon, and more nothing. A rather prolonged Friday morning set, nothing. And so it went for seventeen mornings and seventeen afternoons, in game rich wildlife grounds, with the right […]
May 10, 2012

Retention & Recruitment: The Future of Hunting In America

I spent a great day in Fort Collins Colorado with Colorado and Wyoming wildlife professionals, biologists, scientists, game wardens and other dedicated conservationists. As the invited guest speaker at their annual event, they requested I address […]