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April 28, 2014

Bear Charges Bow Hunters In Their Raft [VIDEO]

A bear charges a group of bow hunters floating down a remote river in this hair-raising video. Check it out: Fred Eichler of Easton Bowhunting TV and his party were travelling down a remote river by […]
April 22, 2014

Snowmobiling Couple Charged by Moose – Not Even a Warning Shot Scared It Away

A New Hampshire couple was enjoying a snowmobile ride in Maine Friday when a moose turned on them and began to charge. Janis and Bob Powell told WBZ-TV the moose jumped out in front of them […]
April 4, 2014

Video: Massive Catfish

I ran across this video while trolling the internet for stories.  Enjoy! Source: Catfishing Around the World by Yuri Grisendi via YouTube
March 19, 2014

Watch What Happens When Scuba Divers Touch a Shark’s Nose

Video source: The Blaze Trying to subdue a shark is probably not the safest of things to do for fun, but if you’re ever in a shark attack situation and are able to strike the animal’s […]
March 18, 2014

Video: Boar Blindsides Hunter in Close Call

As hog hunters can attest, hunting for boars is never boring. Pig hunting is a time-honored tradition in many cultures and although there are many different methods employed, there is still one golden rule: Never let […]
March 7, 2014

Eastern Turkey Release 2014 – Texas Parks and Wildlife

A decade of stocking Eastern Wild Turkey has proven successful for some East Texas counties, but many areas still aren’t seeing birds. A new research study will focus on some recently transplanted birds outfitted with GPS […]
March 7, 2014

Hawk Attacks Balloon in Super Slow Motion

Check out this awesome video of a hawk captured in slow motion video. Source: Earth Unplugged
March 5, 2014

Baby wolf howls (video)

Want to see the cutest wildlife video ever? Check this out as I get a gorgeous baby wolf to howl in a clip from God’s Outdoors with Chester Moore. Source: Kingdom Zoo
March 4, 2014

There Are Elegant Bald Eagle Videos and There Are Bald Eagle Videos That Are So Violent They’re Captivating … This Is the Latter

Image source: KATU-TV Though usually pictured flying majestically against a mountain backdrop or embossed as the iconic image on the back of a U.S. quarter, a pair of bald eagles in Oregon showed off a side […]
March 2, 2014

The super rare golden tabby tiger (video)