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  1. RogTMD

    Great video, Dustin. The mention of what the Nazi’s did brings the point home. May it never happen in the USA, but one look at the UN(azis) Project 21 makes it a plausible issue for our future, especially with our current administration. I’m sure many of us, myself included, would rather die protecting our freedoms than submit to tyranny. Thank goodness for God’s sovereignty in “The End”!

  2. Brad Carnine

    We here in the US need to take a very large look at history and our own Constitution before the progressives erase it, our founding fathers where brilliant and what was written over 200 years ago is as relavent today as it was then. this video as simple as it is should be mandatory in our collages.

  3. Bernard Fiocchi

    I am a Swiss …. And sorry that is not the truth ..

    We have a Gun at house to be prepared for a War and not to use it privately… not like in the states where a Man can go and buy a Gun, worse you go to a Sports-store and buy a Shotgun …. extremely Dangerous..
    Freedom Starts with accepting the other and see the difference of culture … Look at your country … left-coast and right-coast … are develop and pro freedom and against free Gun Law, the middle !!!
    Sorry we Suisse are against War and Guns … we stand for right and Humanity
    Freedom and Harmonie

  4. Lonnie Burns

    Sierra Hotel from a Viet Nam vet!

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