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Texas Hotshots Photo Contest

Texas Fish & Game has given “bragging rights” a new take with the Texas Hotshots Online Photo Tournament.

Modeled after the Texas Hotshots feature in our print magazine, the Texas Hotshots Online Photo Tournament encourages readers to upload their Hunting, Saltwater Fishing, and Freshwater Fishing photos for others to see and “like” with a mouse click. Each month, the poster whose photo receives the most "Likes" (one in each category) receives a special prize from our selection of TF&G apparel and logo merchandise.

At the end of each month, the photo with the most "Likes" in each of the three categories (Hunting, Freshwater, and Saltwater) will win a prize. On or around the 29th of each month, the photos that receive the most "Likes" will be awarded prize items. See full rules (tab, above right).


Official rules for the Texas Fish & Game “Texas Hotshots Online Photo Tournament”, a weekly and quarterly contest for Prizes (hereinafter, “the Prize”) based on public popularity of photos submitted to and published on the “Texas Hotshots Online Photo Tournament” pages of the website fishgame.com, a property of Texas Fish & Game Publishing, LLC (hereinafter, “TFG”). These rules apply to all submitters (hereinafter, Submitter) and winners (hereinafter, “Winner”).

Eligibility Requirements

Email address supplied by Submitter and Winner at registration must be valid. If the Prize is a firearm, Winner must be eligible under state and federal law to own and possess firearms. If the Prize is a firearm, Winner must make delivery arrangements with a local FFL dealer. Winner must be age 18 or older. Photos will be eligible through the 28th of each month at 11:59p.m. (Central Time) for that month's contest.

Winner Selection

Monthly Winners will be selected based on the number of "Likes" electronically/programmatically collected and tabulated by computer software running on the host server of fishgame.com. TFG makes no representation or warranty as to the suitability, accuracy, or functionality of the software; by registering, Submitter agrees and will not hold TFG, its agents, or affiliates responsible for any aspect of the suitability, accuracy, or functionality of the software. Prize winners will be selected on or about the 29th of each month. One entry per person/per week in any one or all of three categories — Hunting, Saltwater Fishing, and Freshwater Fishing. Winner will be notified by phon and email at the phone number and email address provided at registration. Winner must respond to the notification phone call and/or email within 72 hours (three days) of notification; if Winner does not respond within the allotted time, the prize is forfeit and remains in the prize pool for the next round of winner(s). By accepting the Prize, Winner absolves TFG, its employees, advertisers, contractors, agents, and all other associated entities including but not limited to the Prize providers and all other associated entities from all liability for accidents, cancellations, or other perceived or actual losses or damages incurred incidental to the Prize or the “Texas Hotshots Online Photo Tournament”. By accepting the Prize, Winner agrees to have the person, persons, or other likeness depicted in any submitted photograph, the person(s) name, hometown, and other pertinent information about the person(s) depicted published in Texas Fish & Game magazine, on the TFG website fishgame.com, and in other venues at the sole discretion of TFG without payment or other remuneration to Winner or person(s) depicted in the winning photograph.

Prize selection is based on availability. Prizes are non-specific and variable based on availability. The Prize is offered as-is with no warranties expressed or implied.

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July 5, 2018
fishing large mouth bass

Large mouth bass

Another monster Large mouth bass caught while fishing on lake Somerville 7.30lbs by Cody 14years old
July 3, 2018

” Catch and release “

42″ bull caught fishing near the mouth of the Brazos, great fight and quick release.
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