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  1. td

    Sorry for posting unrelated questions, but I need help with caring for stainless rails on my boat. I have been storing the boat in a lift in Galveston for almost 2 years and I think I am losing the fight against corrosion. I slipped up and let my rails get rusty in spots—it seemed to happen overnight. I decided to use a metal polish for marine use, and it seemed to do pretty well except that the rails were not quite as shiny as they had been before. Now it seems no matter what I do the rust keeps coming back. I am afraid I took off some kind of protective coating even though the polish was not very abrasive. I am sure you have a recommendation for this. Did I make a mistake by using that metal polish? What should I use to remove the rust and what should I use to prevent (or retard) the rust from coming back?

    1. LRudow

      Hey – here’s a good way to combat the problem: instead of using metal polish on the rails when you clean your boat, after a thorough wash-down spray some CorrosionX or Boeshield T-9 onto a rag, then wipe down the rails with it. Not only will it make ’em shine, it’ll keep the rust at bay.

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