Garmin Enters Side-Scan Fishfinder Fray

Well, it’s about time Garmin did it – this week at the METS (Marine Electronics Trade Show) show, they announced SideVu and DownVu, their version of the high-res down- and side-scanners we’ve all come to know and love.. SideVu and DownVu will be available on a new line of low-cost fishfinders called the echo dv series, and in a black-box version.

All of the compatible echoMAP and GPPMAP units (the echoMAP 70, GPSMAP 700, 800, and 1000 series) will link up with the new GCV 10, a CHIRP black-box sonar that will also offer these new scanning abilities. Note that some units, such as the GPSMAP 700 series, will need  a software update for full functionality.

Side and down-scanning has become a staple for anglers in both fresh and saltwater, so Garmin is a bit late to the game with this one. But if the past is any indication, though they were slow to the draw their performance will be top-notch. Unfortunately, right now this is just an announcement – as soon as I can get my hands on one of these units and give it a test for myself, I’ll report back.

garmin downview unit

Garmin DownVu and SideVu will be coming this winter.

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