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  1. Richard Vryheid

    Many places you have to let them get inside first :). Trail leading out is good ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Dustin Ellermann

      Yeah I wouldn’t recommend peppering your nice expensive front door with holes. But from a production standpoint I guess it makes a nice video effect.

  2. Tony

    Not in Texas!

  3. Gus Tador

    I would think twice to sharpen by swiss knife on a door knob. Dang it was just the neighbor checking why the lights went off!

  4. Randy

    There isn’t a Grand Jury in Texas that would true-bill the shooter. When the perp is found dead with force entry marks on the door and the knife still in his hand, there is no mystery as to what was going down. It reminds me of a friend’s story about when he was a cop he shot a perp who was robbing a pharmacy. The perp was laying on the ground with a gun in one hand and a money bag in another hand. It doesn’t get any more clear cut then that.

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