Texas Saltwater

Magazine January 1, 2014

Resolution The last two years have been rough on me. At no time was I more reminded of my mortality than during the stretch from March of 2012 to last October. In those 20 months, I said goodbye to three of four mentors whom I considered pivotal to my... Read more

Pike on the Edge

Magazine January 1, 2014

Pulling the Plug It wasn’t until November that I realized how dependent we all are on electronic communication. More important, I also realized that even without it the world around us doesn’t skip a beat. Not that there’s anything wrong with cell phones and GPS and email and Twitter... Read more

Ted’s TexasWild

Magazine January 1, 2014

Most Mystical Flight of the Arrow Skunked! And skunked again! I think this was my 15th or 16th day of nothing. Zero. Nada. Zilch. Backstrapless. Empty handed. Like nuthin! But alas, ol Nuge never gives up. I never say never, and I never, ever give in. Every morning, every... Read more
A Disturbance in the Force For several weeks, I have discerned a disturbance in the force but, have not been able to determine its source. I am not going to say it has haunted me, but I have definitely noticed something is amiss. Yesterday I picked up the November... Read more

Hunt Texas

Magazine January 1, 2014

Shedding Some Light I found my first shed deer antler when I was a youngster slipping up behind a stock tank dam on my grandparents’ dairy pasture in Comanche County with the anticipation of bagging a bullfrog or two with my BB gun. The antler find wasn’t as grand as... Read more

Open Season

Magazine January 1, 2014

Tagged Wrong Willie and I were sitting in a large deer stand, admiring the south Texas countryside. “Did Cash say we could both take a buck?” he asked. I glanced out the window on my left side. “He said one of us could take a buck, and the other... Read more

Doggett at Large

Magazine January 1, 2014

Mighty Misses Outdoor writers almost never miss big bucks. There’s a reason for this. It was explained by Texas scribe Tom Hayes in his classic1960 book, Hunting the Whitetail Deer. The no-nonsense Hayes wrote: “I honestly believe that a deer is, relative to size, the easiest creature to miss... Read more
Gun Control I am a firm believer in reasonable gun control. Now, before you get your tonsils in an uproar, let me explain my idea of gun control. My old Border Patrol shooting instruction used to say that the only things you needed to master to be a good shooter... Read more

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