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  1. NightShade

    Not a bad article but if your going to build you should learn to shop around a bit. If your going to build an AR15 plan on spending about 100 for tools if you already have a vise and torque wrench, otherwise you will need to get those as well which will add to the tool cost. I bought a small portable vise that I can clamp on to a table or steel railing when I need to really torque something for 30 from a “discount tool store” along with a 1/2 inch drive click type torque wrench that I needed when replacing the wheel hub on my pickup anyway. I picked up a cheap set of punches and also a roll pin starter type punch set with a roll pin punch set which has a small nipple on the end to aid in keeping the punch centered in the roll pin, a lower vise block and a upper receiver torque tool that engages directly with the barrel rather than clamping the aluminium of the upper receiver for torquing the barrel and a armorers multi wrench for the ar15. I have spent about 120 on the tools but as I intend on doing some other builds at some point I will never need to buy tools again plus I seem to be having “friends” coming out of the woodwork for “help” with their builds.

    My build uses a Surplus Arms upper and lower, Palmetto State Complete LPK build kit with BlackHawk furniture as well as milspec buffer tube, Blackhole Weaponry 16 inch bull barrel, Yankee Hill Compensator and Specter length Diamond handguard with some other mill spec parts and a nickel boron bolt carrier . Total cost without tools, sights or optics is right about 850. BTW the stripped upper’s cost was ZERO with the purchase of the barrel so deals are available if you search around for them.

    The reason why I built mine is pretty simple. I generally don’t have more than a hundred extra laying around during the month for extra’s and I was able to purchase parts here and there when they were on sale or had free shipping to help keep the cost down. I also didn’t want to buy a rifle and end up buying 500 worth of parts to make it the way I wanted and then have stuff that I will never use and likely never be able to sell sitting around. Plus to buy something comparable to what I wanted to build would be somewhere in the 1500 to 2000 range so that was a no brainer at all. Eventually I will replace the trigger but it’s not a bad thing to have a backup around for that anyway IMHO, now all I need is a scope and some hogs to hunt.


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