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  1. CharlesInTexas

    Definitely these men were very dangerous criminals or terrorists. I’m glad the Australian kiddie cops are working so diligently to keep the streets of Australia safe from these awful men. Only the cops should be allowed to carry these ‘dangerous firearms’!

  2. Michael

    You sir are an idiot.
    -Military Police.

  3. Jeff

    Wow! What can be said other than, what blinking idiots! Really! How anyone in “law enforcement” can stand up in front of a camera and spout out all that rubbish and keep a straight face is beyond incredible. Good job mates… you got ’em.

  4. Richard

    Are you sure this isn’t a SNL skit??? I wonder how they feel about water guns???

  5. sclement

    I thought that the basic definition of firearm denotes the use of gunpowder.

  6. Schmackie

    The police did not release the full story due to concerns of panic amongst the people. Those guys were also importing large quantities of stink bombs. They were going to carry out attacks that would cripple the cities with fear of small areas smelling like a rotten egg for three minutes at a time. The government feared that release of this news might cause mass panic.

    This panic might have caused chaos such as people holding doors open for the elderly as they entered safety in shelters behind a closed door to prevent themselves from smelling the odor. Others may have chosen to escape the malodorous stench by jumping from a meter off the ground trying to commit suicide. Panic would ensue as people fled urban areas in Cozy Coupes packing the streets. It is great that these monsters were stopped.

    I understand one of the men was almost tased with a 9 volt battery being applied to his tongue when he brandished a collapsible gag knife and attempted to stab an officer. The heroic officer advanced into the assault and the plastic blade retracted against the spring back into the fake handle of the knife as it was meant to do. Luckily, the officer only received a temporary indentention in the skin for 10-15 seconds afterwards.

    Let’s raise a glass of ginger ale and have ourselves a candy cigarette in celebration of the heroism of these officers. After all, they prevented someone from having a small red mark on their skin from another air soft attack. They certainly downplayed their brevity in the news conference. I mean, they only live in the country where there are more deadly breeds of arachnids, anthropoids, reptiles, spiders, and sharks than anywhere else in the world. The mammals will even rip your throat out just for looking at them and these officers put those threats aside to stop two guys with guns that shoot a plastic pellet fast enough to make you say,”ouch”.

    You really have ruined the belief by most of the world tha Aussies are total badasses. Crocodile Dundee and Mad Max surrender with great shame. A colony founded to punish England’s hardest criminals with some of the most brutal conditions on earth now makes a game of freeze tag look like a death match played by serial killers.

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