Wild Pig Hunting Going Horribly Wrong [VIDEO] Wild Pig Hunting Going Horribly Wrong [VIDEO]

Watch what happens when wild pigs turn the tables on hunters.

Feral swine are considered pest species in many countries, including the U.S. They reproduce fast and destroy billions of dollars worth of agriculture and live stock each year.

Now more than ever, hunters are trying to kill wild pigs as fast as they can. But there are some dangers.

Wild pigs are exactly that – wild. They can be very aggressive, and when hunters get too close, they’ll charge fast. If they make contact with a hunter, they’ll often bite hard with their razor sharp teeth.

The video below is a compilation of pig hunts – and some casual encounters with pigs – going horribly wrong. You’ll notice Mr. Man vs. Wild, Bear Grylls, makes a cameo, too.

It’s intense stuff, but the soundtrack adds some levity.

Source: Wide Open Spaces