Big buck
Taylor Holland age 12 of Bay City, Texas killed her biggest buck while hunting with her uncle Larry. The buck scored 158 5/8 and has 11 points,from Frio County. Read more
1st time ever, Back to back shots.
Erik Dubose in Henly, TX on a private low fence lease. It was Saturday evening of opening weekend 2014. I spotted the 11 point on the left first and he disappeared Into the bush. Minutes later the 10 point on the right came out I watched him for several... Read more
First Axis Buck
Grady King showing off his first Axis buck , his little sister Elli, who was very proud of her big brother! Grady stopped this buck dead in it’s tracks with a great shot when it started to bolt! Read more
San Leon Don
San Leon Don 180 lb wild boar shot with 270 Uvalde County 100 yard shot. Donnie Wimberly son guide. Read more
First Sika buck
Chris Mata, of Seguin Texas, killed her first Sika buck on The Five Star Ranch in Waelder , Texas. Her brother, Eddie, and brotherinlaw, Michael assisted with the scouting and cleaning. Read more
Priceless Smile
8 year old Jhett Long sat in the stand morning and evening for weeks and finally landed a trophy buck. The smile says it all. Priceless! 31 Read more
Aden’s 1st deer!!!
11 year old Aden’s 1st hunt, 1st deer ever. Shot morning of 10-09-2014 at 95 yds., using a Rozzi .243 single shot, Winchester Silvertip ammo 95 grain. Hunting on Perez family ranch, Goliad, TX. Guided Rick Perez. It was a perfect shot!!!   Read more
First time in the stand
My 12 year old son Austin went hunting for the first time the day after Thanksgiving and got this 10 pt. He was hunting in Anderson County. Read more