Cabela’s Exclusive 1911 Pistols

Magnum Research announced the introduction of four Desert Eagle 1911 guns to be sold exclusively through the outdoor retailer Cabela’s. The first two guns use…

Debunking The Steel Case Ammo Myth

Debunking The Steel Case Ammo Myth

Like many of you, I’ve heard people claim for years that steel-cased ammo will increase wear and tear on your firearms. The “conventional wisdom” is…


Ares SCR ‘featureless’ rifles now shipping

Ares Defense announced the exciting new SCR — the Sport Configurable Rifle, a “featureless” rifle that’s part AR-15 and part traditional hunting rifle — earlier this year…


B’s Trophy Trout

Bryce Marquardt of Waxahachie, TX caught his Trophy of a lifetime while fishing in East Matagorda Bay. Picture taken at family home in Sargent, TX….


40″ King

Courtney Bishop caught this 40″ King in the gulf off of South Padre island. +20