New Zebra Mussel Rules Take Effect

In the state’s ongoing effort to combat the spread of invasive zebra mussels, new rules have taken effect requiring that all boats operating on public…


No Complaints

Kendal Hemphill As I looked down at the sack of corn, lying busted on the ground, I thought, “Zaidle would’ve gotten a kick out of…


Seller’s Remorse

Joe Doggett Well, I sold my big gun. Following one great hunt, the bolt-action rifle rested unfired in my gun safe for seven years. I…


Texas High School Bass Fishing Championship

MARBLE FALLS – Some lucky Texas high school students were awarded with a one day fishing trip with professional bass angler Alton Jones.  Joe Beebee…


Lionfish Rears Its Head in Texas Waters

Will Leschper The most dangerous creature lurking off the Texas coast doesn’t have massive teeth, isn’t particularly fast and often can also be found fluttering…


It’s Not Over Until It’s Over

Lou Marullo Well it is hard to believe, but another season has passed us by. I am not talking about autumn, but another deer season….