TPWD Taking Public Comment on Shrimp and Oyster Regulation Proposals
AUSTIN – The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is currently seeking public comment on proposed changes in commercial shrimp and oyster regulations. The proposals will be considered for adoption by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission at its May 21 public hearing. The recommended changes include: Proposed Shrimp Regulation:... Read more
Licensed open carry on the brink of success in Texas (VIDEO)
After years of contentious struggle for and against, the Lone Star State is within reach of becoming the 45th state to allow the lawful open carry of modern handguns. This comes as the state House gave its 96-35 approval Friday to a proposal to grant the 840,000 Texans with... Read more
WATCH: Florida Man Discovers Shark in His Backyard
Crazy things happen in Florida, and if you live on the coast near Bonita Springs, then don’t be too surprised if you see a shark cruising past your house. According to WINK-TV, one resident was shocked when he spotted an estimated eight to nine-foot shark just swimming near the the... Read more
WATCH: Toddler Pounded Chest in Front of Gorilla at Zoo. What Happened Next Left the Family Running Away
A 12-second video published online late Thursday shows exactly what happened moments after a little girl pounded on her chest in front of a gorilla at a Nebraska zoo. The gorilla ran toward the girl and slammed on the glass, ultimately leaving it cracked. The terrified family was seen... Read more
Magpul on New Glock Magazines, “OK We Screwed Up.” Don’t Worry, They’re Fixing It
Magpul just recently released their new Glock magazines. They are less expensive (around 15.95) and lighter than stock Glock magazines so they’ve created quite a buzz (we’ve got a few on order for review and testing). However, just after releasing their first batch into the wild, a potential problem... Read more
WATCH: Man Wrestling Wild Hog Gets Flipped on His Back
Tusks or no tusks, wild pigs can be dangerous animals. Hunting them can be riskier than many sportsmen bargain for, and trying to wrestle one can be downright foolhardy. This trapper in East Texas found himself a bit out of his element as he tried to wrangle a large sow into... Read more
Black Rhino Extinct? Texas Hunter Corey Knowlton Pays $350k To Kill A Rhino And Save The Species
Is the black rhino extinct? The western black rhino became officially extinct in 2013, but now a Texas hunter named Corey Knowlton has won the right to kill a different sub-species of the black rhino and bring it home to the United States as a trophy. While killing the... Read more
Texas oyster competitors spar over Galveston Bay reef lease
GALVESTON, Texas (AP) — The Texas oyster industry is in the middle of a turf war. What’s at stake is one company’s claim to some 23,000 acres of land at the bottom of Galveston Bay. Oysterman Tracy Woody knew his company’s effort to purchase the exclusive right to dredge... Read more