Huge Great White shark pulled from the Gulf of Mexico by fishermen
A team of specialty anglers pulled a rare find from the Gulf of Mexico: a Great White Shark, the largest predatory fish on Earth. The shark fishers reeled in their catch from shore near Panama Beach, Florida. After reeling in, tagging and releasing the nine-foot eight-inch shark, the members... Read more
Texas Game Warden Association to host fishing tournament
When it comes to fishing, reeling in a big ol’ catfish isn’t a bad thing. The third annual Whiskers & Reds fishing tournament is set to kick-off March 12 with a weekend of events for beginner and experienced fishers. But, the tournament hosted by the Texas Game Warden Association,... Read more
Lubbock Senator Proposes Changes to Regulation of Gun Silencers
LUBBOCK, TX — State Senator Charles Perry of Lubbock said Monday evening he will propose legislation to protect lawful owners of gun silencers from conflicting legislation. Senate Bill 473 was filed on February 6 and gained a co-author on February 25. It says, “A person commits an offense if... Read more
Video Captures Two of Australia’s Most Venomous Creatures Face Off
Video posted online Sunday shows two of Australia’s most venomous creatures face off in a homeowner’s garage. Farmer Neale Postlethwaite captured the incredible footage that shows the moments after a redback spider “hurled” an eastern brown snake off the ground and into its web. “It’s just mind-boggling,” he told Mail Online.... Read more
Bald Eagle Fights Coyote over Deer Carcass, Raven Wins
What is the most epic picture you’ve ever pulled from a trail cam? Did it involve four different species, a life or death battle, and perhaps the most stunningly clear case of opportunism caught in the wild? There’s a lot going on in this picture, but we can all agree... Read more
Grouper Devours Invasive Lionfish (VIDEO)
Lionfish may be pretty, but they are a destructive invasive species that threatens to destabilize marine ecosystems in the Caribbean and American East Coast. That’s why when conservationists took this recent video of a grouper eating one of the fish in the wild, it’s exciting news. It’s believed that lionfish... Read more
Photographer Nabs Picture of Baby Weasel Riding Woodpecker
Martin Le-May, an amateur photographer from England, captured an incredible photograph of a weasel “riding” on the back of a green woodpecker as it flew through the air. Weasels are usually a ground-feeding animal that preys on rabbits, so this attack on a woodpecker is extremely rare. Martin Le-May quickly... Read more
Cross Border Open Carry March for Texarkana 28 March
Arizona – -(Ammoland.com)- Arkansas became a constitutional carry state in August of 2013.  It took about a year and a half, dozens of open carry marches, and a change of the Attorney General, for that fact to be generally recognized.  The picture above is one of the marches taking place in... Read more