Why Do American Alligators Attack People, but American Crocodiles Don’t?
The Orlando Sentinel reported last month that a 300-pound crocodile died while being captured in Florida, after it apparently bit a swimming couple in a canal. Officials suspect the croc now holds an unlikely distinction: He’s believed to be the first to have bitten humans in the state Florida.... Read more
Why are these fish shooting out blue lasers with their mouth?
I wish these crazy blue laser lava spewing fish were a newly discovered species or some radioactive experiment gone wrong but they’re not. Luckily, reality is just as cool. Well, almost. The blinding light is actually a tiny crustacean called an ostracod’s defense mechanism against the translucent cardinalfish. Basically,... Read more
If Your Gun Is Too Accurate, You Are A Terrorist, Says Legislatior
Florida – -(Ammoland.com)- Is it possible to create a rifle that’s too good, too accurate, too easy to use, leaving only terrorists and other outlaw groups as potential buyers? That is what Elliot Fineman, CEO of the (anti-gun) National Gun Victims Action Council says about the Precision Guided Firearms... Read more
District conducts study to protect Texas coast
GALVESTON, Texas – Protecting the Texas coast from natural and man-made disasters continues to make headlines in local papers as various agencies and organizations work to find solutions to this complex issue – a solution the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Galveston District will be a part of implementing... Read more
A&M researchers, scientists push for monarch conservation
It is a biannual phenomenon at risk of disappearing all together, but monarch butterflies are again poised to pass through Texas on a 3,000-mile journey from Canada to their wintering grounds in Mexico. A recent University of Guelph study said 90 percent of monarch habitat has been destroyed, prompting... Read more
Victoria man who captured gator avoids fine
James Cobble embraced his parents after he emerged from justice of the peace court Thursday. Jurors milled about the small building, relieved of their duty after only an hour. The 29-year-old Xerox representative was supposed to stand trial for illegally possessing an alligator, a Class C misdemeanor. He accepted... Read more
New Shark Attack Photos Released, Plymouth Beaches Close As Great White Hunt Is On
A shark attack off the coast of Plymouth, Massacusetts, Wednesday has already caused the town to close down its beaches. Officials have begun a hunt for the great white shark that breached the surface off Manomet Point and attacked two women who were kayaking there. While the women were... Read more
Meet the Liberator, a double-tap machine! (VIDEO)
The Liberator is a unique AR-pattern carbine with what Liberty Gun Works calls their “Bi-Directional Trigger” that’s tailored for people who love mag dumps. It works like this: you pull the trigger, it shoots. You release the trigger, it shoots. Don’t get it confused with a burst trigger or... Read more