The day Jaws met his match: Unfortunate shark is eaten alive by a monster crocodile
Sharks and crocodiles are predators in their own right, but who would win a fight if the two creatures came up against each other? The answer is a crocodile – at least if this photo is anything to go by. Andrew Paice, 43, managed to capture the moment this... Read more
Ares SCR ‘featureless’ rifles now shipping
Ares Defense announced the exciting new SCR — the Sport Configurable Rifle, a “featureless” rifle that’s part AR-15 and part traditional hunting rifle — earlier this year to a welcoming audience. This gun is legal to own in all 50 states and is now shipping to dealers. While the SCR wasn’t... Read more
How Anti-Gun Activists Think Gun Owners Should Be Treated
The Facebook page Hypocrisy and Stupidity of Gun Control Advocates posted what appears to be a comment from an anti-gun liberal on how she thinks her peers should treat open carriers. Her suggestion is that she and her peers should carry tasers, and when they see an open carrier, they... Read more
Multiple New Pro-Gun and Pro-Hunting Laws Take Effect in Louisiana
The following story is via the NRA-ILA, On Friday, August 1, several new NRA-supported laws took effect in the Sportsman’s Paradise. Those laws include Act 229 (House Bill 186), sponsored by state Representative Cameron Henry (R-Metairie), and Act 378 (Senate Bill 212), sponsored by state Senator Rick Ward (R-Port... Read more
As more male bass switch sex, a strange fish story expands
At first she was surprised. Then she was disturbed. Now she’s a little alarmed. Each time a different batch of male fish with eggs in their testes shows up in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, Vicki Blazer’s eyebrows arch a bit higher. In the latest study, smallmouth bass and white... Read more
Underwater SharkCam Gets Mauled by a Great White
Shark attacks on people, for all the coverage they get, are thankfully still rare – as Discover blogger Christie Wilcox has pointed out. But if you go taunting a great white with a seal-shaped robotic submarine… well, all bets are off. The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution did just that with... Read more
Biologists Studying Arroyo Colorado Tidal Stream
AUSTIN – Earlier this year, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department coastal fisheries biologists began a two-year study of Arroyo Colorado, a tidal stream connected to lower Laguna Madre. Biologists received a grant to measure the quality of aquatic life in this ecologically important area. This effort is part of... Read more
1,000-yard Shot With A 9mm Revolver
If it was anyone else, you’d dismiss this as impossible almost immediately. We’re talking Jerry Miculek, however, so if he says he’s going to shoot at a target 1,000 yards away without magnified optics, you simply assume that he’s going to find a way to make the impossible shot... Read more