Now You See It… CLEAR AR-15 Receiver Prototype
Tennessee Arms Company is working with a clear polymer lower receiver prototype. While I have my doubts about how long the material will last, it is a very interesting looking lower, especially when the rifle is firing. Source: BearingArms.com Read more
News Site Claims Georgia Residents Can Buy and Carry “Pulse Rifles” Under New Law
Trust me, I triple checked that I wasn’t reading The Onion when I saw this article come across my Facebook timeline. First off, besides the content of the article (which we’ll get to), I can almost write an entire article on the image that was included with the post.... Read more
SilencerCo introduces Salvo 12 shotgun suppressor (VIDEO)
SilencerCo has just announced a real first: a commercial suppressor for 12-gauge shotguns, the Salvo 12. While there have been a few options for shotguns prior to the Salvo they were limited to small boutique shops and custom jobs. The Salvo 12 is a modular, non-concentric suppressor that can... Read more
The Unbelievable Image Captured on Radar That Has Nothing to Do With Weather (VIDEO)
They came en mass on Sunday and then, almost as suddenly as they emerged, they were dead, leaving a huge mess behind. A mayfly hatch in Wisconsin over the weekend was so large that it was picked up by weather radar and even caused a three-car accident, not to mention... Read more
Perry Prepares to Deploy National Guard to Small Portion of Border
MCALLEN, Texas—Texas media outlets are reporting Texas Governor Rick Perry is preparing to deploy the Texas National Guard to portions of the Texas/Mexico border. State Senator Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa (D-McAllen) confirmed the pending announcement of Perry’s decision to deploy 1,000 soldiers from the Texas National Guard to the border.... Read more
Tennessee Restaurant Sees Business Surge After Posting Pro-Carry Sign
A Tennessee restaurant is welcoming armed citizens. The decision was made after the owner read about a convenience store manager that was shot after putting up a “No Weapons Allowed” sign, and after she lost business because some customers thought that she did not allow armed citizens inside. From... Read more
Rare blue-colored red king crab caught in Alaska  Read more
NOME, Alaska (AP) — A rare blue-colored red king crab was part of a fisherman’s catch earlier this month in Nome, Alaska. KNOM reports (http://is.gd/NQ1wSP) Frank McFarland found the blue crab in his pot when fishing on July Fourth off Nome. The blue crab is being kept alive at... Read more
Fish market owner to release 18-pound lobster
SCITUATE – The 18-pound, barnacle-encrusted lobster had seen better days. After evading for at least 75 years the fate met by countless other crustaceans, he found himself in an offshore trawler, ultimately ending up in the tank at Mullaney’s Fish Market in Scituate. Luckily for the lobster, store owner... Read more