Video: Florida Black Bear Climbs into Hammock
Scrounging for food can be a tiring process, and one black bear in Daytona Beach decided to sleep off its recent meal by taking a rest in a hammock. According to WESH, local photographer Rafael Torres shot several pictures of the bear as it tried getting into the hammock... Read more
10 best family cars named by Parents Magazine and Edmunds.com
I’ll call this story a pass through since I am just going to report this rather than adding much commentary.  Suffice to say, I think this is a good list but don’t necessarily agree with all of the choices and would have named a few others in lieu of... Read more
Toyota brings TRD Pro trucks to outdoor professionals
Outdoor writers are a tough audience. They drive their trucks and SUVs into places that sportsmen want to read about and experience.  It is their stock in trade.  No wonder Toyota brought the 2015 TRD Pro Tundra, Tacoma and 4Runner to the national outdoor writers conference in McAllen, TX... Read more
NRA-ILA Issues Statement on Open Carry of Long Guns – Good Citizens and Good Neighbors: The Gun Owners’ Role
Check out the statement that the NRA issues about the open carry of long guns in private businesses. Here at NRA, we are big fans of responsible behavior … legal mandates, not so much. We think the Founders of this country were right to trust its people with the... Read more
Louisiana bill to allow hunting with suppressors signed into law
Hunters in the Sportsman’s Paradise will be able to use legally-owned suppressors to both harvest game and control pests following Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s signing of HB186 into law Friday. House Bill 186 strikes the state’s ban on using National Firearms Act-registered suppressors, commonly but incorrectly referred to as... Read more
Congress moves to put the squeeze on Justice Dept’s ‘Operation Choke Point’
Following an extensive review of the Department of Justice’s Operation Choke Point, which had the effect of closing off banks from businesses considered “high risk,” including the gun industry, the U.S. House voted to defund the program Thursday. The voice vote came late Thursday night as an amendment to... Read more
Fin whale makes like a missile; rare breach awes spectators
Fin whales are the world’s second largest whale species and can measure 80-plus feet, and weigh as much as 70 tons. Because of their immense size, they almost never breach, which makes the rare photo accompanying this story all the more striking. The image was captured May 22 in... Read more
2015 Ford F-150 gets the torture treatment and lives (well) to tell the tale
Every day, I am asked questions about the new F-150 truck and most of them are about toughness, durability and whether the new 2015 model will be wimpier than its predecessors. Rest assured that the team at Ford Truck wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize their position as the top... Read more