Health The No. 1 Killer on This ‘Deadliest Animals’ Infographic Might Surprise You
More than 700,000 people — that’s how many lives are taken each year thanks to a bite from small and seemingly innocuous animal. Bill Gates released this powerful infographic on his blog late last week to highlight a campaign against the deadly and debilitating diseases that are carried by... Read more
Texas Rancher Tells BLM Story with Dewhurst, Patterson (Video)
WICHITA FALLS, TEXAS–Texas rancher Tommy Henderson lost 140 acres of his land during a lawsuit that turned it over to the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) 28 years ago. Now, more land owners along the Texas/Oklahoma Red River boundary have learned that tracts they believe is their property... Read more
Prominent Anti-Gun Advocate Had a ‘Considerable Change in Demeanor’ When She Learned Who She Was Smiling Next to in This Picture
When prominent gun control advocate Shannon Watts was asked by a man to take a picture outside of the 2014 NRA convention in Indianapolis, she granted his request. What she clearly didn’t know was who the man really was. Watts’ reportedly had a “considerable change in demeanor” after the... Read more
Supreme Court to hear case of man prosecuted for tossing 3 fish overboard
WASHINGTON –  Not even Supreme Court justices can resist a good fish story. The court said Monday it will hear the case of a Florida fisherman charged with destroying evidence — three small grouper — under a federal law originally aimed at the accounting industry. Commercial fishing boat captain... Read more
School accused of trying to ‘demonize’ student in ‘pastry gun’ suspension
The attorney for a Maryland boy who was suspended after shaping a pastry into a gun says school administrators are trying to “demonize” him in their bid to fight an appeal to have the punishment erased from his school record. Joshua Welch, 9, was suspended from Park Elementary School... Read more
Why “Smart Guns” won’t transform firearms industry
Another company wants to manufacture a “smart gun” that can be fired only by an authorized user. Another company will fail. Why? Two reasons: The influential National Rifle Association sees smart guns as a step toward stricter gun control, and the people who actually buy firearms in the U.S.... Read more
Blue Wave Owner’s Tournament set for July 25-26
Blue Wave Boats has hosted the largest Owners Tournament on the Gulf Coast for last 11 years and look forward to maintaining that title in 2014 for the 17th Annual Tournament July 25-26 at Port Aransas. “Blue Wave Boats Annual Owners Tournament has become unlike any other. While focused on... Read more
Zero-Tolerance: School’s Punishment Stuns 17-Year-Old Girl and Her Parents After She Accidentally Brought Pocket Knife to School
A Minnesota high school has expelled a student for the remainder of the year after school officials discovered a pocket knife in her purse earlier this month. Alyssa Drescher, 17, says that she was subject to a random search ten days ago after a drug dog mistook her perfume... Read more