Noe Campos: Fishermen deliver Hammerhead shark pups in Venice, Florida
A group of fishermen in Venice, Florida lured in a big catch – a 12-foot hammerhead shark. That in itself was quite enough excitement for them, until they realized, the shark was pregnant. The fishing pier in Venice juts out 700 feet into the gulf, luring fishermen to see... Read more
The ‘Next BLM Showdown’ Is Currently Brewing in Recapture Canyon, Utah
SALT LAKE CITY (TheBlaze/AP) — An idyllic Utah canyon home to ancient cliff dwellings and native burials will be the site of a protest Saturday by a group of people who plan to mount their ATVs and ride a trail that has been off limits to motorized vehicles since... Read more
TPWD Begins Record-breaking Oyster Restoration Project in Galveston Bay and Sabine Lake
HOUSTON – Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has begun distributing more than 79,000 cubic yards of oyster reef building materials (known as clutch) over eight sites on four natural, publicly owned oyster reefs in Galveston Bay and Sabine Lake. This work is part of ongoing efforts to restore oyster... Read more
Angler finds live frog staring out at him from inside a fish’s throat
It gives new meaning to the phrase ‘I’ve got a frog in my throat’. Angler Angus James was stunned when he opened the mouth of a fish – and saw a live frog staring back at him. The amphibian was nestled in the throat of the jungle perch, which... Read more
Instagram Photo Captures ‘Firenado’ in Stunning Detail
A Missouri woman reportedly captured an incredible picture of a fiery phenomenon known as a “firenado” last weekend. Janea Copelin posted the photo on Instagram and it quickly went viral. She says a farmer was burning off his field when the wind helped form the firenado. Read full story... Read more
Bulldogs Confront Bear Who Entered Their Territory: See How It Ends
When a bear entered the backyard patrolled by a couple of bulldogs, the canines thought it high time to show the animal who was truly the boss of their territory. “Our bulldogs actually broke through the railings on our farmer’s porch to confront our guest!” YouTube poster Cue Foils said.... Read more
Film Crew Learns the Hard Way Why Not to Take an Inflatable Boat Out to Film Great White Sharks
It might seem like a no brainer that sharks and an inflatable boat would not be a good combination, but a film crew had to learn that lesson the hard way when out filming great whites. The MaxAnimal videographers had to know what was coming when they saw the... Read more
Rare Megamouth shark caught in waters off Japan
People in central Japan are being treated to the sight of one of the wonders of the deep. A rare Megamouth shark is on display at the Marine Science Museum in Shizuoka City. The shark was caught in waters off Shizuoka last month at a depth of about 2,600... Read more