This $400,000 Item From the Gov’t Accidentally Arrived at His Doorstep — Here’s How He Says UPS Responded
How do you call in and explain this one to UPS? Hey there — I think you just delivered a secret government drone to my house, and it definitely isn’t mine. Reddit user Seventy_Seven says he tried to do just that when he received a mysterious package that looked... Read more
Secret CIA Weapons Depot Linked with Two Texas Locations
Is Camp Stanley, an Army weapons depot located southeast of Boerne, Texas (near San Antonio), the secret home of a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) weapons stash known as the “Midwest Depot”? The Midwest Depot is allegedly where the CIA has stockpiled AK-47s and RPG-7s that have been allegedly spread... Read more
This Item Is Banned from National Parks — and the Rangers Are Watching
If you are traveling to see some of America’s National Parks with the family this summer, be forewarned: your new flying camera rig is not welcome. Yosemite National Parks has put the smack down on tourists bringing in remote-controlled quadcopters to capture images of the breathtaking landscape and they... Read more
The Unexpected Thing a Fisherman Caught in the Ocean Has Scientists Intrigued
A fisherman accidentally caught a rare “goblin shark” last month off the coast of Key West, Florida. Scientists say the April 19 catch is only the second time on record that a shark like it has been captured in the Gulf of Mexico, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric... Read more
Backdoor Gun Control: Justice Department Applies Pressure so Banks Refuse Service to Gun Stores
The current criminal Attorney General, who has been found to be in contempt of Congress after failing to provide subpoenaed documents in the Fast and Furious scandal, which his department was involved in trafficking thousands of guns across the US/Mexico border that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of Mexicans and at least two... Read more
‘Everybody Good?’: That’s the Question He Asked Right Before He Cut Down Giant Branch. The Next Question Asked Was ‘911 or Not?’ (Video: Strong Language)
A new video posted on YouTube shows the dangers of tree-trimming. The video was uploaded by user Kurt Stepp a few days ago and reportedly shows the man’s coworker experiencing a terrifying brush with death. Standing at the top of a ladder, a man yells out, “I don’t want... Read more
Hiker Films ‘Strange Encounter’ With Unknown Figure Scaling Snowy Mountain
A group of hikers in the Tantalus Range near Squamish, British Columbia, spotted “a little black dot” moving in the distance along the snow white landscape. One of the options they drummed up for what it could be? A Sasquatch, of course. “I’m pretty sure there’s a Sasquatch down... Read more
Texas Ranchers Briefed Lawmakers, Locals on BLM/Red River Land Dispute
At the request of Breitbart Texas, two members of the BLM, Public Relations Specialist Paul McGuire (who was previously interviewed by Breitbart Texas on this matter) and Assistant Filed Manager Richard Fields, attended the meeting.  While they opted out of speaking at the microphone, the BLM’s McGuire and Fields... Read more