What’s the best way to minimize the number of guns on California’s streets? That’s the question confronting gun control supporters after this month’s ruling by the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals striking down San Diego’s restrictions on carrying handguns in public. That case was brought by gun owners... Read more
Video: Black jaguar attacks crocodile!
Check out this vintage video of a young black jaguar attacking a crocodile as its mother watches on. Read more
What worse? Rattler bite or $140 K hospital bill? (Video)
A couple tending their garden get a rattlesnake bite on camera and a $140,000 bill for the treatment. Read more
Sharpshooters will return to a Will County forest preserve to take out a few more deer in an effort to curb a fatal disease among the herd. Forest preserve officials discovered chronic wasting disease in the Kankakee Sands preservation area near Braidwood, which includes the Braidwood Dunes and Savanna... Read more
Every year, Jared Adams makes his first fishing trip for Toledo Bend bass in February, then transitions to saltwater fishing after early spring. Before he became a licensed charter guide for trophy speckled trout and redfish on Calcasieu Lake, Adams spent much of his youth fishing on the Bend... Read more
Rattlesnakes without rattlers? That is what researchers have found in South Dakota where the prairie rattlesnake is the only venomous snake to be found. Over the past couple of years, Terry Phillipp (of Reptile Gardens in Rapid City( has noticed many rattlesnakes with what he calls “curly-Q” tails.  Imagine... Read more
Sen. Edward Markey has unveiled a gun control bill he says will help reduce firearm violence by requiring all new guns be “personalized” with special features, such as fingerprint-reading technology, so they can only be fired by their owners or other authorized users. The Massachusetts Democrat says the bill... Read more
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) is asking Lake Tawakoni catfish anglers to participate in a brief survey to determine opinions, characteristics and experiences of catfish anglers with emphasis on the blue catfish fishery. Signs and laminated posters promoting the survey have been distributed at boat ramps and businesses... Read more