Galveston Bay Oil Spill Causes Concern for Anglers, Conservationists
Image source: Outdoor Hub Marine scientists are concerned that Saturday’s oil spill in Texas’s Galveston Bay will mean long-term dangers for the area’s wildlife. The spill occurred over the weekend when a ship collided with a barge carrying more than 900,000 gallons of fuel oil in the bay. According... Read more
URGENT: GM issues recalls for current Silverado, Sierra and full-size SUVs
What is happening with General Motors? I hate to do negative articles about any single vehicle or supplier, but a thinking person has to question the number of serious recalls that GM has been forced to issue recently. The most important to sportsmen and their families, I suspect, are... Read more
TPW Commission Approves Expanded Mule Deer, Extended Squirrel Hunting Seasons
AUSTIN – The Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission at its Thursday, March 27 public hearing approved expanded mule deer hunting in several counties and extended squirrel season across parts of East Texas. An archery-only open season and 16-day general season for mule deer in Knox County, and a nine-day... Read more
FBI and EPA Agents Raid Company That Buys/Sells Spent Brass
Image source: Guns Save Lives The ammo industry just can’t catch a break. USA Brass is a company that buys, cleans and sells spent brass which is then used in ammunition reloading. FBI and EPA agents decided a raid of the company was in order after it was discovered... Read more
Happy Female Hunter Bags Mountain Lion & Posts Photos. Angry Animal-Rights Folks Storm Social Media in the Most Vile Ways Imaginable.
Image source: The Blaze “My first hunting experience was when I was three years old,” Charisa Argys told KCNC-TV in Denver, adding that she was introduced to the sport by her father. Itt became a point of bonding for them. “It’s always been quality time for us. It’s always... Read more
The First Eight Seconds Show a Man Shooting a Target on a Tree. What Happens Next Will Send the Video Viral.
A new video posted online shows a tree come crashing to the ground after a man fires several shots at a target pinned to it. “Oh!” exclaimed the man who appeared to be filming as the tree suddenly fell. “It hit me in the head.” “Me too,” says another.... Read more
Ruger Issues Recall on Certain SR-556 Rifles
Image source: Patriot Outdoor News Ruger has issued a recall notice on some of its SR-556 rifles. This is Ruger’s second recall on one of their rifles in about two weeks. The company issued a recall on some of their rimfire rifles earlier in March. Check it out: The... Read more
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Lists Lesser Prairie-Chicken as Threatened Species and Finalizes Special Rule Endorsing Landmark State Conservation Plan
In response to the rapid and severe decline of the lesser prairie-chicken, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service today announced the final listing of the species as threatened under the Endangered Species Act (ESA), as well as a final special rule under section 4(d) of the ESA that will... Read more